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A Taste of SM Megamall Food Sale from SumoSam and Gotti’s

August 18, 2012

I am writing this blog entry, and I am seeing not just words, but food.. sushi.. pasta.. pizza.. discounts and all the good deals. This must be the effect of not having even a nap for more than 24 hours. But my tummy is full and smiling.. I got to taste two awesome offerings from the SM Megamall Food Sale event last night.

I have blogged about it here, and yes I went to try how good the food are from the participating restaurants and just simply, how good are the deals.

I got the chance to explore flavors with a fellow blogger – Ted (he’s a site owner of He used to be an expat assigned in Middle East, and it is just so awesome to meet someone who does understand the work that we do (my regular job), and was once a recipient of the services we offer.

Anyway, our first stop was at SumoSam.. 

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SumoSam (Sushi-all-you-can for only Php355 between 2PM to 5PM)

This place need not to impress me because I have already given them a golden star during the store opening n Gateway.

We were only not served with great smiles from the team, but also a platter of this amazing sushis!

I seldom eat sushi – I mean, it is not one of the first things I eat on a buffet table – but SumoSam’s offering are just different – each one has a character.

What we were served:

The Dynamite

It is not called dynamite for nothing. Raw salmons are topped in the maki rolls 
with spicy mayo dressing. Dip it best with Nikihana Sauce (inspired by Chef Niki)
and let the taste explodes in your senses. 
What is more better way to define it .. but, hot and spicy, YET GOOD!

The Crunchy Tuna 
It has tuna and spicy mayo inside and crunchy tempura batter! Yum! Dip it in 
Nikihana sauce (inspired by Chef Niki), this one will explode in your mouth as the spiciness, crunch 
and sweetness of sauce battle inside your mouth.

Of couse, the California Roll – but served differently.. with the 
crabstick shreds on top! 

The Las Vegas
Sushi topped with Scallops and Cheese –
 something different (I know!), and I thought of pizza.
Some might find it odd.. but it is a great breaker for all the raw fish and spiciness!

SumoSam offers a great deal! Look at how much each variant serving (of 6) costs..! It would be best to come as a group so you can order and taste a lot of varieties.. there would be someone to finish the plate, because this would really make you FULL!

Have I mentioned the Iced Tea is good too? It was even warm and we got confirmation that it was indeed brewed!
Here’s the management team! Thank you for accommodating us!

And for the candle-lit dinner!

Next stop: Gotti’s (half price for Pasta to Share!)

We were surprised to find a long queue of people waiting to be served. I love Italian,and even though I was already full, I couldn’t just take my mind from thinking pasta and pizza.

Love the interior.. it is not trying hard..

We found the SM Marketing Peeps in the resto with Fashion Blogger, Michael (read a fashion blogger’s food post here).

What have we got?

Minestrone Soup

Seafood Pasta in White Scauce.
 Even my colleague who loves Italian gives a thumbs up for this!
It is white sauce, but never heavy.. the pasta itself is al-dente too!

Ok, I am not giving a prize, but can you spot which one 
is pasta and which one is squid?! 😀
The Sicilian
This red sauce is not your typical red sauce mixture.. 
Best when you want people  eat veggies! Those are yummy eggplant slices!

The Godfather is not just a movie but a pizza too!
It is their own version of supreme. 

It is absolutely a food treat! I would sure be back at Gotti’s to check out other pasta and pizza dishes!

I had to cut the nice food trip short since I needed to come to work last night. And when I got to the office, I was so full and loaded. Thank you again to the warm people of SM – Sean, Jess, Karen & Mickey, SM Megamall, Sumosam and Gotti’s!

You too can experience the great meal offerings until Sunday (August 19th) at the SM Megamall. While you are in SM Megamall, don’t forget to visit the event site at the Ground Floor area where you can shop, and attend the foodie fair brought by The Lifestyle Network and SM Supermarket.

There are 100 food stores participating in this mad food sale..! Where are you dining?!

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