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Spice Girls [Then and Now]: Reunion Performance in 2012 London Olmpics Closing Ceremony

August 13, 2012

Reunion is a trend today! My favorite all girls group reunited for the closing ceremony of 2012 London Olympics! Yes, I am a fan! I am not ashamed of that. I even have their two albums – that I used to play in my discman (yeah, discman baby!). 

I am so happy to see them still glam and sexy after all these years! Their outfit best shows their spice identities! I like it!

To see more pictures and remember the best days of Spice Girls, click Read More.
These girls started the trend of upbeat songs that show that attitude that girls do not need men, and if boys cannot mess with girls. Girl power it is!

Then.. Emma Bunton is cute and girly with pigtails even if she 
was wearing black..
Now.. Baby Spice still looking like a doll with this cute pink mini dress
Then.. Melanie C (Sporty)

Now.. Melanie C on white jogging pants and sneakers spell sporty!

Then.. Melanie B (and I find the curly hair a bit scary)
Now.. the shiny, flashy clothes is for Scary Spice!
Then.. Ginger looks alot like Baby Spice! But I know she is 
fierce and she always wear that Union flag..
Now.. Geri Halliwell still have the signature style! 
Then.. I find Posh Spice a bit weird because she seldom smiles
in photos. Actually she never smiles! But she’s my favorite.
There is that mystery on her. And I think David find the same attractive too.
Now.. Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham is still the sexiest and alluring spice girl!
Here are more pictures of the closing ceremony. Please note that I don’t own the pictures. I got them all from Google and

I would have love if they would do a concert tour! Since everyone is doing it (which I think it is New Kids On the Block who started it.. and now Backstreet Boys are reunited again!). I would sure watch and get VIP tickets! 
Watching the closing ceremony performance gives me goosebumps! No joke! 
How nice it is that the cabs are even designed based on their spice identity! 
What do you think of the performance? Who is your favorite spice girl?

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