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The Underarm Monologues: What Would Your Armpit Say?

September 6, 2012

If your underarms can talk, what would it say? Mine would be, I hope you would be proud of me, the same way you flaunt your legs..

Although I am not really ashamed of my underarm, armpit or kilikili – that part of my body is like a third private part of me. Yes, I wear tube tops, tank tops and sleeveless tops – I would like to think that I am fair and proud of my underarm.. special, at some point – I remember even buying a laser treatment package for it and the attendant who lovingly did the treatment even told me I got nice underarm – as she confessed, she had seen worse.

I got a good relationship with my armpits, but not everyone has a blissful relationship (good example is my sister). Last week, I heard more underarms talk in Teatrino, Promenade Greenhills.

Promenade is one of my many second homes. I once worked in the area, and I am always very curious about Teatrino. And then.. tadah.. an invite to see Unspeakably Yours, The Underarm Monologues. 

To know what The Underarm Monologues is about, click Read More..

The show explores stories, views, true-to-life anecdotes, observations and trivia about underarms – and how much we love, and hate them sometimes. What is interesting is that it even gives guy’s point of view about how they view underarms, and women and their underarms – which I think mostly are true, as I hear most of the guys laughing during the show. The show will bring us back to puberty stage when we started to discover ourselves and bodies.

The many names of Kilikili..

Oh yeah, guys are included too!

I learned that it is not the armpit which is at fault, 
but enthusiasm.. like, when seeing a friend in the bar, we raise our hands..
or when we get promoted, we ask for high fives!
or even during People Power..

Or winning the race..

Wohoo! Everyone be proud of your armpit!

Not Amen but A-Women!

Great job girls!

Dove Deodorant collaborated with Upstart Productions to bring this wonderful show which stars Caisa Borromeo, Mayen Cado and Angela Padilla. The girls are so great that I felt that they were my friends as they share their stories (and horrors) – I find myself laughing so hard during the entire show.

After the show, I know I am loving my armpits more..!

What can I say? The show is funny, hilarious and witty. Every underarm can relate! Congrats to all the armpits who worked hard to produce this show! Probably, we can proudly do the high-fives and show our armpits! Congrats to the writers Joel Trinidad and (and co-director) Cathy Azanza-Dy, and  Jenny Jamora who also directed the show.

You can see more of the show pictures here.

And since Dove supports and empowers women to love their underarms, we even got a gift that night that we can surely wear to show how proud we are of our kilikili.

Thank you Dove Philippines and to our friends from Ogilvy!

** I know alot of my friends are asking where to watch the show, I will keep you posted – for now, like my fanpage,

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