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One Cap of Coke to Treat the Whole Barangay This Christmas!

October 23, 2012

It was timely that when the Coca Cola Christmas Promo TVC was launched last Sunday, I was at home – and our neighbors were gathered outside, celebrating a big birthday. As expected, the streets were closed.

This is a typical scenario in the streets of Manila. I have witnessed how people celebrate birthdays, baptism, weddings, fiesta, New Year and of course, Christmas! From the terrace where my mom and I usually watch the scenes and people, we have seen alot of great celebrations that is truly Filipino. We are very reserved family and rarely join these types of feasts. We find joy by watching the people enjoy the celebrations – and enjoy means, tables set-up in the streets, banana leaves are used as plates, everyone share their food, and eat with their hands (the barangay does it every feast of the patron which happens sometime in January)! Sometimes we share and exchange food specialties with neighbors to share the happiness. Fried chicken, lechon, spaghetti, pancit, fruit salad, and kakanins. On different occasions, the menu will change, but there is just one thing that is common on these celebrations.

When I was younger, it used to be in 500.. then a litro.. now, 1.5. It just gets bigger and larger as it brings more happiness to the larger group – and I am not just talking about families, but the whole barangay!

It seems that Coca Cola does hear my story – and knows very well how each barangay in the country does celebrations! We have seen how Coca Cola treats families with gastronomic meals with refreshing Coca Cola (thank you to our favorite noontime show!). This time around, Coca Cola will treat the whole barangay! And it only takes one winner to treat Kapitan, Kagawad and all the members and household of barangay from where the winner came from.

Too good to be true? Watch this COCA-COLA MILYUN-MILYONG PAMASKONG PA-BLOW OUT promo TVC!

I am sure you already know the drill, but check out the simple mechanics!

  1. Grab a Coke and Open Happiness!
  2. Look under the cap…
  3. You will find a code!
  4. Text in the format and send to 2653.
 Enjoy your Coke and wait to win Php100,000 cash!

But wait, there is more Coca-Cola will also treat the barangay of the winner to PHP 100,000 worth of food blow out! This means when you win, the barangay also wins!! (what do you call it?) That’s happiness!

See how Coca Cola has become part of my daily celebrations (yes, I celebrate life everday!). In, and outside the office.. and even across the globe!

Sleep over with friends at work!

In the popular Quanjude Restaurant in Beijing!

Potluck Lunch in the office!

I am sure you want to share the happiness too, and not just the glass of Coca Cola!

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For more info on the contest, visit the Coca Cola Site 

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