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California is Cool

November 29, 2012

I am not (yet) blogging from California, and the weather is still hot where I am. This blog is about a new store format. A little introduction (or insights)..  I love that shops today incorporate architecture and interior design in building their store and showcasing their products. Chic stores have chandeliers and candlesticks, lingerie stores have drawers to keep their cute and sexy pieces and there is even a beauty store in Toronto which has sink where you can wash your face to try their beauty products. The stores now are not just mirrors, hangers and lights.

The stores are even getting make-overs – just like Mossimo, as it launches the California is Cool. (There goes the California is Cool story..). The new store format shows California cool ambiance that reflects a street-style combined with beach lifestyle culture. For some reason that appeals to me – probably because I want to look and feel younger.

See here are some pictures of the store which re-opened last November 1st.

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I know it looks hip but still laid-back. The wood make me think of county living.. but the lighting appears like sun beams, which reminds me of summer days and the beach!

Sharing some info about the design..

Magnolia David, Mossimo Philippines’ Marketing Director is delighted that the new look for Mossimo store will cater potentially to more millions of Filipino shoppers as it offers a store design that is synonymous with young, innovative and contemporary.

“As we strive to bring everyday women and men urban fashion without the hefty price tag, we’re also happy to give them the whole look of contrasting mix of old-school and modern all in one store setting,” Ms David commented.

Mossimo’s store design now represents the brand’s beach lifestyle with hand-painted logos and a play on various industrial lettertype giving the store a very relaxed feel in contrast with the clothes and products on display. To add more compliment to the new look, Mossimo stores is now also designed with wooden and steel elements giving the whole place an industrial feel without leaving out that laid-back lifestyle image true to the Mossimo DNA.

Mossimo continuously transforms, (I am a living witness!) – as the ultimate urban street store, but still maintains the beach lifestyle culture.

Young crowd – hip, young and urban spirit. And I would like to declare, I
am part of the group. So don’t get surprised if I join next year’s
Mossimo Bikini Summit. Of course. I am. Kidding.

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