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Kotex x Love Bayo’s Modern Fairytale

November 18, 2012

I don’t have a fairytale to share, just yet. Let me just share I how I first encountered Bayo and Kotex. I was in first year High School when I first got a Bayo top (do the math, and you will realize I am that old!) 😉 A year after, that’s when I started to add Kotex in our grocery list. Kotex, which I thought is the most fashionable sanitary pad in the country. Think of its color, style and packaging.

And yes, I continuously buy Kotex, among other brands of napkins; but after graduation and when I started working in the corporate world, I thought Bayo was too young for me. I don’t know why I felt the need to dress all stiff and smart during those years, and it is ironic that I wanted to look and dress younger now.

So I was excited and mesmerized when I witnessed the unveiling of the Modern Fairytale collection by 18-year old Slyvia Park who won the first ever SoFA Young Designer Competition for Bayo Design Collection.

 The launch was held in M Cafe last week and celebrated with hors d’oeuvres and Chardonnay.

 Click Read More, to see the collection..

So, how did the “modern fairytale” started? Kotex, being committed to empowering the modern Filipinas has always sought to provide innovative opportunities for women to make informed choices and express their femininity, partnered with Love Bayo and SoFA (School of Fashion and Arts), and gave seven of SoFA’s best students the opportunity to create a collection for the Love, Bayo (sub-brand of Bayo) targeted to the younger market.

The winner was the Korean Slyvia Park whose collection was inspired by her favorite novel, Anne of Green Gables. 

I loooove every piece of the collection, and I love hearing (or witnessing) celebration of talents, especially young talents.

Funny thought – I wonder how models manage the work during the time of the month? I was once part of a Fashion Show and I got my period, and it was almost a disaster.  Probably, Kotex can save the day – the first ever sanitary pad that comes with intelligent guards that gently rise as soon as they come in contact with fluid. So that makes women live and move as she pleases – even on the runway.

I looove the stockings! Super cute! 
I wish I get more opportunities to wear stockings!

Too bad I wasn’t able to get a picture of Slyvia Park. She is shy, but cute – she so much defines the word youthful. Here are some of the pieces (up close).

I looove jumpers, and I will sure get that one. I love that the collection is wearable during casual days, and some are fairly acceptable in our office dress code. I love the lace material and flower prints. Something that is not too common in my closet, as I mostly buy black and solid colors. So don’t get too surprised if I start wearing young, girly clothes 😉

 What do you love most about the collection?

See more of the events pictures here.
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