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Gift Guide for Professionals: Parker Pen 5th Technology

December 15, 2012

I always love receiving handwritten notes as much as I love writing one too. It carries more emotion to read something from the paper, than that from the tab or mobile phone. Do you feel the same?

It excites me every time I visit museums, and find old hand-written notes of famous people – caring less if it is written in a language that I do not understand. The yellowish paper. The playful strokes of letter “g”. The smudges of ink. The folds and creases. The characters that I seldom see. 

That’s why I still keep the few notes and postcards I receive from people who still value the experience of writing.

Postcards from friends from Switzerland, Spain and India who 
were assigned in Cagayan de Oro for consulting project
 A thank you note from the Writer’s Block Phils. 😉
Technology and innovation probably brought us to the paper-and-pen-less world, but it is technology that would let people to (once again) enjoy the art of writing. Parker, leading manufacturer of stylish, innovative and quality pens introduces the Parker 5th Technology – the world’s first writing system that answers the usual writing needs. 
Click Read More to see the new Parker 5th Technology innovation…

I was lucky to catch the last day of the Parker Pen exhibit in Shangri-la Mall last Friday.

I was excited to see the collection of Parker Pens!!! My first Parker Pen I got was when I was in College. My guy super friend and I bought a Parker Pen and had our names engraved on it. I know, the things that teens do.
Wondering why it is called the Parker 5th Technology? The first four technologies were the fountain pen, ball point, roller ball and the mechanical pencil. The Parker 5th Technology pen answers the needs of consumers – it is stylish, soft to feel and with clean refill.
I tried using it, and it glides smoothly.. I was even told that the design is smooth to the hands (I remember getting callus from writing! – and this pen answers that concern).
I was even told that it even has longer cap off time and the ink doesn’t smudge (good for writing love notes in scented paper? ;))
I love the flexible refill system. How many stylish pens did we receive and love but can no longer use after we used the last drop of the ink? Parker 5th Technology refill sells at Php SRP 349.75
Refill Features
  • Smart glide tip
  • Clean refill process
  • Prevents hand-smudging
  • Eliminates pressure, impact and temperature -induced ink leaks
  • Refill tip is designed to maximize cap-off time
  • Available in size Fine or Medium, Black or Blue ink

Parker 5th Technology comes in different designs and styles. This one has a tip made of 14K gold, and bit more pricey. This is really a treasure! 

The Parker Ingenuity Daring Collection (in Slim and Large Models) retails at Php 8,499.75


Product Features: 
  • Metal and texturized soft-touch rubber effect
  • Texturized soft-touch rubber effect in a Full Black Finish
  • Sleek Chrome PVD finish (Physical Vapor Deposition is a a coating process revealing underlying texture while providing color and luster. Used in watches glass or phone industry).
  • Slender engraved metallic hood
  • Emblematic Parker arrow clip
  • Emblematic engraved cisele pattern section and large metallic ring on the cap
  • Presented in its premium Parker Gift Box
  • Available in one new mode: Parker 5th Technology
Some people might not realize why some invest too much on stylish, quality pens – especially that we have keyboards and key pads to take care of the writing; however a different story is written when signing a job offer, a marriage contract (or any legal contract), or writing to someone important.
This is the time when we don’t ask for Peter Parker; but Parker.
Share your Parker Pen story. See more of Parker Pens here. 
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