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Gift Together Through the ABS-CBN Kapamilya Gift-Together Website (An ABS CBN Christmas Project)

December 20, 2012

Balkbayan Boxes would soon start coming this Christmas season. The boxes that symbolize the presence of our loved ones who cannot be with us to share good food, great stories and fun moments during the Holiday season. I know how it feels to celebrate the Holidays with just me and my parents, thinking about my siblings (and my nieces and nephews) who are in different parts of the world. Although technology help us connect with them – it is still different to actually hear them laugh, feel their hugs and make more memories with them.

Despite time differences and distance, they send their love across through gifts. For someone who is working abroad, it is always a challenge to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. I personally experienced this dilemma during short trips. Although souvenir shifts, perfume and the usual collectibles save the day (add the favorite cliche – “it is the thought that counts!“), we still aim to give a more personalized gift to our loved ones – something that they want.

This season, ABS-CBN and ENSOGO (one of the leading group-buying sites in the country) partnered together to bring a special gift that would bring together families with loved ones abroad through the Kapamilya Gift-Together Website.

With the ABS CBN Kapamilya Gift-Together Website, one can create a wishlist through the list of offerings from the wide selection of Ensogo Deals (from Food, Entertainment, Accessories, Electronics, and even Travel Packages). S/he then sends the wish list to the relative abroad with a message, and a recorded video message from the Kapamilya stars like Diether Ocampo, Maja Salvador and other ABS CBN artists).  I just thought this is really a cute idea!

By sending the wishlist, we are showing trust to our relatives abroad. Trust, that is so hard to gain and maintain if you are separated by distance and time differences with your loved one.

When the relative receives the wishlist, s/he then can grant the selected wish or all the wishes from the list through the ABS CBN Kapamilya Gift-Together Website. The very act shows love and sacrifice. This connects the family – as simple as choosing and buying the perfect gift for your loved one can be more meaningful despite distance.

Personally, I felt that this project would be more beneficial to our relatives abroad. This would save them time (from choosing the perfect gift), money (it will save Balikbayan box shipping), and worries (if the gift would be sent to their loved ones timely) – allowing them to focus more on their jobs, and giving them more time to talk to and connect with us.

The ABS-CBN Kapamilya Gift-Together Website virtually allows the Filipino families to be together this Christmas. Ang wish ko, the Ensogo Deals list has a 1-month vacation entitlement tied up with the companies where my relatives are working for. 😉

Please do sign up and check out the site. I am already checking some interesting deals and adding them in my wishlist.

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