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December 24, 2012

Glass Homes with Solar Panels

It is not yet the end of the world. I am not sure if that is a good news or what.

While we wait for the end of the world, I await the new year and then I would start listing the things that I want to accomplish - like go places, invest and have a nice home. Something that caught my attention. Solar panels that are used as roofs to conserve energy and go greener.

This so much reminds me of the consulting project I worked on last March in Indonesia - a local hospital which wants to go greener.

An interesting discovery, Photovoltaic Panels also called PVs. is a system used to collect energy from
the sun to generate or provide electricity. The energy can then be used to power a portion of office or home electricity.

Now if I want the same installed in my future home, what do I need to know?

Solar Energy reduces the amount of fossil fuel burned and reduces pollutants and carbon dioxide. The earth-lovers would love me for this. Depending on the set-up, it can power appliances, lights and even air condinationers. The Solar PV is typically installed in rooftops.

Where to get Solar PVs assistance in the Philippines?

I found this site that has expertise in installing Solar PV systems and had actually worked ith ADB, Rural Electrification of the Philippine Government and other private businesses.

Their panels have higher module efficiencies in absorbing energy (check), perform well under low light conditions (check) and the team provides assessment and consulting at the initial stage (check), plus one-year warranty after sales (check).

Now, I need a land to build my home sweet home and a design for my masterpiece. Some inspirations:


Have you considered using Solar Panels?

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