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Back to Regular Programming.. Happy New Year!

January 2, 2013

Happy New Year dear readers! I can’t believe my blog date stamp will now show 2013. It is the first time I am logging in to blogger after the Holiday Break. I was on haitus.. not much of Twitter updates, Facebook stalking – or whatever you want to call it. I saw alot of friends tagging me on Facebook wishing me Happy New Year, and thanking me for being a part of their 2012. I am pleased. Thank you. I realized I haven’t thanked yet the people (and now brands and companies!) who trusted me and made me a part of their fruitful year. Thank you. Thank you! If you are reading this entry – Thank you!

Apologies if I kind of forgotten about you (my blog). I felt it was more meaningful to spend more time with the people I care much about offline – than type random status messages and updates on social media. I chose to spend those minutes bonding with my family (my niece and nephew! who I only get to see once a year!) – than get frustrated with my wifi connection. At one point, I felt that I lost my interest in writing – that I find it hard to string words and create a meaningful entry. I felt guilty that I missed and disappointed some people because of this – but still I thank you for giving me the time to enjoy myself (outside blogging) and to regain the passion in writing.

I find it odd that on a later part of the year – I am taking less pictures, writing less stories, and sharing less about me and my experiences on social media. Is this all part of aging..? I used to be very excited writing in my new planner and planning my year..

Probably – I learned to live and enjoy life everyday, that everyday feels like a celebration, but excitement and anticipation fade. Not certain if I am making sense.

Anyway, thank you. I never intended this blog entry to be dramatic and emotional. So I am just letting everything to Him, and to you.

I hope your new year is safe and healthy.

More stories coming in a few days..

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