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Mister Donuts’ New Donuts Offerings

January 28, 2013

Admit it, before the designer donuts have landed in the Philippine shores – we only go to two donuts stores. Now, I rarely get to visit these two places. I remember enjoying the smell of freshly brewed coffee and chocolate ganache every time we visit a store.

Last Friday, Mister Donut invited a few bloggers for an intimate dinner to let us taste its new offerings. I woke up late for the afternoon event I am planning to go to, so I just went straight to Bigoli, Eastwood. How convenient – my office is a few cartwheels away from the venue.

I was late. Thank you for the Friday traffic, but Mister Donut team is too nice to accommodate me. They just given away prizes to the contest winners. I hate that I missed it.

Before the big products surprise, I was delighted and surprised to see DJ Ramcy hosting the program. He is a college friend and it is nice to see him on action.

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So what is the big surprise? There are actually double, nope, triple surprises from Mister Donut. 

First – I am sure you have seen the new Mister Donut Commercial featuring Little Ms. Philippines, Raiza Mae Dizon and Michael V. Mister Donut is now offering two flavors in one donut! This answers the common donut problem – little fillings at the center.

We got to try the new Bavarian Doubles while watching the video!

Three flavor combinations are Classic Bavarian & Choco Fudge, Coffee & Caramel, Choco & Caramel. 

I know, they look like a human body part!

I love, love the Coffee & Caramel. Control check – the fillings are evenly distributed! Yum! I know exactly how it feels when you bite a donut and you wonder if you ordered for a plain one. The Bavarian Doubles cost Php13 each, and Php130 for the box of 10.

The next new offering is perfect for the Valentines’ Day. I personally got excited about it! I thought of sending one to my crushie. Sooo high school!

Who wouldn’t love these?

6 pieces Belgian Bites in a heart-shaped can plus a heart balloon for only Php120 (add the bear for only Php165!).

I have to admit, it is my first time to try the Belgian Bites, 
and it is good and affordable!

But wait – there’s more, Mister Donut has something for the Chinese New Year too! DoChi is back (donut plus buchi). These are unusual mini-donuts filled with creme and with toasted sesame seed. Cheers for the Chinese New Year – something round, something sticky, and something yummy!

Each DoChi costs Php8 only!

Next post, I will try to write how I will show my love through these donuts.. Do you have ideas? 🙂

By the way, I asked if Mister Donut will start free delivery of goods for Valentine’s and I was advised the service is good for select stores only (mostly Makati stores delivering to offices). I love these new innovative products. I know very well how good the team is in developing products (I know someone who used to work for one of the sister companies).

Mister Donut is sooo generous to gave us donuts to take home! I still have a few in the fringe. And here’s a tip, you can try to re-heat it in the microwave before serving 😉 Yummi-er!

UPDATED (2/4/2013): 

I promised to write another blog entry to share how I can share the
love using Mister Donut’s products. Unfortunately, I just cannot find
time to click that “new post” button – so here I am updating this entry.

the Valentine’s Package complete with Teddy Bear, balloon and yummy
Belgian chocolates might be too sweet a gift for your significant other,
the DoChi donuts would be perfect for your mother or mother-in-law who
has so much faith in Feng Shui, while the Bavarian Doubles would be a
good treat to your co-workers.

Mister Donut has always
been there – the tool to express love, apologies, celebration or
gratitude. True to the theme of sharing, I would want to share the love
using the Bavarian Doubles to two of my favorite kids in the world. Meet
Raiza and Paul. They are siblings with 7-year age gap.

can say, the universe is treating them equally – the only boy, the only
girl, the eldest, the youngest – and with this expect that they don’t
normally agree on things. They argue, and fight. Most of the time. But I am sure they do love each other.

can Bavarian Doubles express the love and how can I play the role of
a fairy godmother teaching them lessons of sharing and loving? Let me
write a script which I can probably recite to Raiza and Paul while
holding my fairy wand!

Bavarian Doubles are great
donuts to eat all by yourself. Imagine two flavors in one soft donut
dough. You can be selfish. One can choose to be selfish. But the reason
it is filled with two flavors is because Mister Donut’s message is – to
share it – share it equally with your siblings (or with anyone who needs it); especially if you only
have one piece (remember, too much sweets are not good for the kids!).
Mister Donut wants to make sure that once you slice it in half – both
halves would have equal fillings to two different flavors. Or you can
choose to slice it horizontally – to give both halves two awesome
flavors! And that is the beauty of sharing.

There you go, a lesson about sharing from an Auntie (Ate – they call me Ate!). And that’s how I show my love to my nephew and niece – share the lesson and love for sharing – the lesson I learned growing up with my 3 siblings (and yes, Mister Donut!) 😉

So, have you tried these new sweets? 
What do you think about these new donuts/offerings?
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