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My 10 Beauty and Fashion (New Year’s) Resolutions

January 14, 2013

I am moving the new year today, as I only got the time to draft and finish my New Year’s Resolution. I am a good person – I would like to think. It is just that I tend to forget about myself to do things for others – like work, family and everything else. So the New Year’s Resolution is all about taking care of myself and aging with grace.

I have to post a blog and document so google would remind me just in case I forget. Let’s start:

1. No more chipped polish!

Immortal sin of beauty and goddesses! But I am guilty. I do my own manicure and pedicure to save money and time – I use to go to nail spas to get really nice nail art, but I thought it would be more efficient to do it myself. I promise to take care of the nails, and re-do as necessary.

Basic Manicure and Pedicure sets available at Watson’s
Nail Polishes from Nail Up Nail Polishes
Starlet Nail File from Forever 21

2. No more messy eyebrows!

Again, I am guilty! Beauty Bloggers, forgive me. I used to go to salon for the eyebrow threading, but that changes when I learned about tweezers. I should use it more often. And probably learn how to add a little volume to my thin eyebrows.

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I loove the Wonder Woman mirror
I got for free for SM Department Store

3. Pamper my feet!

I received this package from Lander Philippines last year – a complete set of foot pampering products (Foot Soak not included in the pic), but I rarely use it. So now I am declaring Saturday as a me-time to prim and pretti-fy. Our feet is the most battered and forgotten part of our body.

Lander Products Available at Watson’s

4. Stick to my Ortho-dentist Schedule

So my treatment is taking soo long because I always miss my schedule and only visits the dentist every after 3 months, which brings us back to step 1. To be fair to me, I am back with my regular schedule for the last 2 months – and yesterday, the dentist placed this painful molar bands – which makes me too eager now to come back and see her!

I got the schedule plotted in my Belle De Jour 2013 planner!

Thanks to P&G and Greys Campaigns for the Oral B Package
The ortho-brushes are from my Santa mom – something that you insert!

5. Moisturize the Eyes!

You might have already read somewhere that true age are seen in your neck, eyes and hands. Soo.. I need to act and be consistent – I need to moisturize these areas more – BUT I always forget my eyes!

I use two different products – one for day, one for night. Both are good, but I need a good concealer for the eyebags. 😀

Garnier and Ponds available at Watson’s

6. Take care of the skin!

I got 4 different sunblock and sunscreen lotions but whenever there is a  chance to go out and enjoy the sun, I forget about them. So from now on, even as simple as trip to Aling Nena’s sari-sari store, I will apply sunblock lotion.

Banana Boat
All available at Watson’s

7. Stick to the morning and evening ritual!

I am compelled to go on a monthly facial because I already paid for the package. I am loyal to Bioessence and I love their products too. The problem is sticking to the ritual – especially at night (or after my day), as my bed is a little clingy.

During the night I take and apply special skin care products for allergies. Might as well put these on a bedside table next to the alarm clock.

Carmex available at

8. Use the other 70% of my closet!

I once again did a closet clean-up and found out I only get to use 30% of my wardrobe – I use 101% of my closet and even the 50% of my brother’s to store my clothes. The problem is I wear the clothes that I first see from the laundry.

So now I am planning to wear the rest of the 70% – and the goal is to make sure I fit into these old clothes!

9. Wear my hair differently!

2012 is a big year! That was the first time I had my hair dyed – full blown! I was forced to because of gray hair (wisdom! wisdom), and my blogger friend teased me that I shouldn’t have visible gray hair because I am a “fashion blogger” (I don’t consider myself one – but I know the gray hair is not an excuse!).

So.. off I went to my favorite neighborhood salon, this salon who has been taking care of my hair for the last 4 years. I had my hair dyed and that fixed the problem.

But, as I love my curly hair so much, that I thought I could wear it forever, I would want to wear it differently everytime I go to events. That is something I must learn – and I should start saving tutorials from

My hair when I hosted a weeding last year!

10. Get back in shape!

I need to fit into my clothes again, especially old jeans! I will schedule at least 30 minutes for my stretching and basic yoga! Ohhhhmmm….. I need peace.

Afternoon yoga session with friends. 
There was light! Hehe

There you go.. I would only list 10 and list another 10 next year.

Have you also listed your resolutions? Any specific for beauty and fashion? Share your stories!

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