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The Life of Pi – Pi is Another Boy Who Lived

January 11, 2013

“I need a closure”. My friend told me while we were having pasta and waiting for the screening of the Life of Pi last Sunday.

Why would anyone need a closure after reading a book? Is it like a relationship that you build with the characters? or with Pi? with the author, and the story?

The irony is, after watching the film and giving back the 3D glasses – I felt like I fall inloved with the movie. It was love at first sight. The type when you meet someone you are so interested in, and you start checking his Facebook profile? I did just that. I googled Pi’s life. The story. I stalked the Life of Pi.

Have you seen the movie? Have you read the book? I wrote a feature-slash-review of the Life of Pi in When in Manila – – warning! There are some spoilers!

I seriously fell inloved with the story. I never know it was first published in 2000! What was I doing that time?!

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The movie brought me to an exotic zoo in India, to an Hindi celebration, Titanic (yes Titanic!), to the middle of the great ocean, an unknown island to the wilds of my imagination. Yes, the story made me believe to the unbelievable. But now, I felt like a teenager torn between two lovers.. which story should I choose?

The Animal Story

The animal story taught me to believe the unbelievable. I do believe in God – but the thought of someone surviving a shipwreck for 227 days with a Bengal tiger is really unbelievable. If it were me, I would have been dead on Day 1! But Pi is intelligent, smart, witty and strong – (like all the other Indians I met! Suraj/Pi so much reminds me of my friend pop Vivek). With his skills and knowledge about zoo-keeping and with all the survival stuff that he has on a boat – there might be a possibility of surviving. Very slim.

The movie answered my questions – how does he clip his fingernails? what if the tiger gets hungry and attacks him? will he sacrifice his religious beliefs and preferences just to survive?

The movie gave me answers in the most visually amazing way.

The Human Story

Brutal. But more believable. I only needed to see one thing in the movie to make me believe in the human story. Suraj/Pi gave it to me. Now, you must watch the film!

My friend told me that in the book – it is just texts. Nothing to give you a hint of emotion.

The sailor is the zebra, chef is a hyena, his mom is the orangutan (Orange Juice), and Pi is Richard Parker (the tiger). If you will believe the human story, you will understand why Pi told us the story of  Richard Parker’s name – he wants to relate it to him – who has a very interesting name too.

Why would the investigators ask for a “real story” if there are hints and pieces of tiger’s presence in the boat?

The human story is all made-up by him to make it easier for him to accept the reality of witnessing the terrible and inhumane ways to survive. In the human story, believing in the unbelievable is just right there too – believing in God.

Did I get your brain cells working? 

Bottom line, the movie is great. Great acting for someone who was acting alone on his very first film. You are the next big superstar Suraj! The movie captured the story and readers’ thoughts and brought us to the unimaginable.

Sharing some interviews and behind-the-scenes of the Life of Pi:

Behind the Scenes of Life of Pi

Look at him.. Soo insightful.. and cute cracking voice 😉

What Suraj Sharma thinks of the story..
Suraj Sharma looks like Piolo Pascual in this interview 😉

Director Ange Lee’s Interview

Now I think, Pi is another boy who lived.  He survived. Now, I need a closure.. I am starting the book now.

Have you read the book?
What do you think of the movie?

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