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Thoughts and Notes About Les Miserables Musical Movie (2012)

January 16, 2013

“I felt like singing with the cast!”, that’s what I exclaimed when this guy with a mic approached me and asked me what I can say about the film – the camera was rolling. This was after the premiere held last Monday for Les Miserables. Thank you SM Cinema for the invitation to the red carpet premiere of Les Miserables!

A few days before the premiere, I tried to read the book again, the novel which I have read years ago as required by our High School English Teacher. During that time, I only cared about the book reaction paper, the skit that we needed to present, and the grade that I would get – I never realized I was reading an award winning novel – a novel of great stories – stories that will continuously be told in TV, film, musicals, and Broadway productions. Our very own Leah Salonga even played both the role of Fantine and Eponine (I know you can relate to her song – On My Own!)

When I read the book, I got really depressed.. as the title implies, it is the story of miserable ones.. poor people (not really poor, not rich – poor) but miserable, unfortunate ones. How can something so depressing be an award winning novel? I read the book and at the back of my mind I was imagining dark, gloomy setting.

But the Les Miserables 2012 movie gave me a different light and a different mood. I felt the struggle of the ex-convict Jean Valjean – his ways as a human and his redemption. I felt the love of the priest to the man of God, a mom’s love for his child (Fantine to Cosette), a man’s love for his work (Javert), a woman’s (secret) love for a friend (Eponine to Marius), a man’s love for his daughter, a man’s love for justice and equality and a man’s love for money (incredibly presented – thank you Thénardiers!).

Click Read More please.. don’t be miserable.. 

The irony is, I cannot relate to the love at first sight which was felt by Cosette and Marius! I probably need my own Marius!

What I felt is looove for Hugh Jackman! He’s such a fine actor but (may) not the finest singer (and why am I suddenly attracted to old guys?!). I think what makes the movie even more amazing is the cast. I never realize these people who we only know as the Gladiator, Wolverine, Cat woman and the Red Riding Hood can actually sing and perform. It is a whole lot different when an actor sings, than a singer acts. I love how the movie presented each character. It is just funny that everytime I see Russell Crowe (as Javert), he reminds me of Donnie Wahlberg. I thought his character is something to hate (for chasing Jean), but somehow, he still looks adorable – probably because he is Russell Crowe.

Add a spice of wit and craziness with Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter (yes, who can forget Bellatrix from Harry Potter?!). Their presence gave me a break just when I felt like a tear will drop.

The highlights of the film are probably seen/felt from the female characters.

Epinone, why such a small waistline?! My blogger friends asked me if I got the same waistline – that’s a negative..

 Fantine, why still pretty even with that haircut? Anne is amazing! Listening to her performance of I Dreamed a Dream gives me goosebumps.

Ever since I have seen Mama Mia! I felt more and more inloved with musicals – and Les Miserables will give you a feeling of watching a Broadway show – sans the revolving backdraft.

Okay, I don’t want to add more spoilers. Just go watch the film. There might be a lot of people lining up for the tickets today. I will give you a tip. Get an SM E-Plus – you get to avoid the long lines plus you can even earn rewards.

Here’s my pic taken during the screening by 
Thank you!

The movie deserves the awards. Emotions. Hope. Passion for work, love and justice. Amazing, talented actors. It is another masterpiece. – and that’s what I meant to say to the guy who recorded my reaction. I really need to prepare myself the next time I go to a movie premiere!

Thank you SM Cinema and Solar Entertainment!

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