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The PLDT Fibr

February 21, 2013

I got this new addiction of watching movies online. Well, I do watch movies online – once in a while, but not to the point of choosing to stay home than shop.  The addiction which has been on since last month (I think).  It started when I thought of watching my favorite movie trilogy (of all time!) – Back to the Future. Then I thought of watching The Hangover (1 and 2), simply because I couldn’t relate to my friends’ stories about the tiger at the washroom. Then, while making some photo books of my travels, I thought of watching The Terminal (Tom Hanks), because I remember my sister mentioned the film when I told her I was kind of worried about Canada immigration.

I know. I missed a lot of good movies. Probably because I don’t have a constant date to hold hands with in the theater. Plus, cinema tickets have become too expensive (I remember when I was in College, we only pay Php60 – oh please, don’t calculate my age!). So I rather stay home, feel comfy in my room and watch movies online – which I can even pause. What compels me to go out and watch movie are company of good friends, or press screenings for upcoming films (btw, have you read my reviews of Life of Pi, Good Day to Die Hard and Lincoln)?
But what I hate about watching movies online is the delay or slow connection. I know you are nodding. You hate that too. Well, thank PLDT for PLDT Fibr.

Last Monday, I attended the launch of PLDT Fibr at Salong de Ning, Manila Peninsula Hotel.

Click Read More to know more about PLDT Fibr..

PLDT Fibr is the first fiber optic internet that connects user (and the whole family) to up to 10 to 100 mbps. So it means that we can enjoy watching movies, play interactive games, do endless downloads without speed lag. This type of broadband is widely used in Japan, Europe, the United States, and even in some South East Asian countries. 
It was an intimate event with the Manila Symphony Orchestra entertaining the guests with feel-good music – and I meant feel-good, Sweet Child O’ Mine on the playlist. The Harmony family even played the Harmony Commercial live during the event. They are amazing. I sometimes wish I have talent in music.

The event was hosted by Marc Nelson. He is such a sweetheart! 

PLDT partnered with to provide movie-streaming service to Fibr broadband subscribers.

The guests were also serenaded by Ms. Regine Velasquez Alcasid who expressed her delight about this new service. She even shared that she is from the province and they never get to experience this kind of technology then. I never thought she is that witty and funny in person. 

Everyone was mesmerized by her presence.. Can you spot Batman?!

Mr. Manny V. Pangilinan (MVP) was also in the event. He shared that PLDT is committed to provide consumers an integrated offering combining the best of voice, broadband, and content services to sustain market leadership, and it will soon be launching more new services as part of this commitment. He was the one who literally pushed the button and let us experience the PLDT Fibr. Fibr streams on PLDT’s fiber optic network that extends 54,000 kilometers nationwide.

with Batman and Catwoman in tow..

For the movie buffs, here are the plans that you might want to consider:

  • Plan 3500 subscribers get three free movies
  • Plan 5800 subscribers get four free movies.
  • Plan 8800 subscribers get 10 free movies 
  • Plan 20,000 subscribers get 20 free movies

If you want to subscribe or check area coverage of PLDT Fibr, check out
It was a sweet, short and (indeed) intimate event. Thank you PLDT and to our PR friends for taking care of us during the event. We sure love the sweets and wine!

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