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French Man, Taboo and Emoticons

March 9, 2013

So now I am here at my room – my shoes, clothes and the walls of my room are watching me. I am typing with my chipped nail polish while worrying about my wiggly molar. Some websites say (and even “the substitute” dentist confirms) that it is normal.

Normal or ordinary was not how I would describe yesterday. It was exactly one year, I boarded a plane going to Jakarta to meet (and live) with 9 other people from different countries. Yesterday marks an anniversary of a friendship of Phils, Mexico, USA, India, Austria and Brazil. That sounded like an international deal.  You can read about this story here. 

Anyway, Friday has been good to me. I am glad. I was supposed to swing by the When in Manila writers potluck party (sorry guys, and Teacher Cheryl – I wasn’t able to go), but I woke up late and had to run to work. At work – where I felt that I have never really worked. It was not a usual Friday.

I haven’t even spent 15 minutes in the office, when my calendar told me it is time to go to the Boardroom Meeting room. We had a very informative meeting which lasted for two hours. Back to my station where I dealt with a system issue and pressing timeline, this gave way for me to interact with a manager from France. From a system issue and incorrect approval routing, our conversation then focuses on cultural differences.

Interesting how an issue would be a bridge to build client relationship?

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It was not even lunch time when I received a message about the issue I had been monitoring since Monday. It has been resolved, and the process owner’s note projects warmth and friendliness. I heard she is kind of tough. But the smiley that she puts on her note to me was the opposite of people are describing her. My boss is surprised. And I claimed, I have a way to people’s hearts. 😉

I got a happy mood last night, and probably it reflects whenever I deal/communicate with people. Maybe it helped that my friend sat/worked beside me during the shift. We were laughing at old stories and funny jokes every 10 minutes.

Even in our messaging tool, we were exchanging laughing emoticons. Speaking of emoticons, I got new ones to use after my assignee has sent me tons of new ones. I know it is not typical for us to interact with our assignees casually, as we always talk about business, processes, and policies.

How we got too comfortable is probably because of the (advanced) birthday greeting that I have sent him. He is celebrating his birthday tomorrow. I am just glad to actually do this initiative that I have suggested to the management.

It is really nice to connect to people. I suddenly miss working behind the bar. I miss working and talking to people – learning their stories, their frustrations and their passion. I think, in business, getting social is no longer a taboo.

Speaking of Taboo.. it is our new favorite game!! We used to do Pictionary before meetings, and now we are loving Taboo. What is more fun, we just had a Face-Off with another team. And yes, we won! We got bragging rights and some chocolates. Yey!

So what does Taboo is teaching us? Creativity, fast-thinking and analogy. We competed with the team which I felt is the closest among other teams in our big Mobility family. It is interesting to listen to this team who are composed of really young kids (as in most of them are fresh graduates!) –  when one only says one word (which is totally unrelated to the word in the card), and the team can easily get it right. It shows connections and how bonded the team is.

I remember this film I have seen when the couples played Taboo, and one of the couples find it hard to find the right answers, or connect to what the other person is saying.

Well.. it is still a struggle for our team too. How many cards have we skipped just because I (personally) cannot think of a word that I can make them remember a memory or experience we had. I can only think of the Ferris Wheel. and Zebra (Thank you Zeze!)  It shows we need to bond more often, to share more memories and to get to know each other more.

Anyway, enough of me being insightful.. While I enjoyed my Friday, there are still work items and issues I would be facing on Monday. But before I worry about Monday, I need to prepare for a BIG event for tomorrow. This is nothing fancy, nothing about brand promotion or a big escapade.

Please come back!

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