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Live, Laugh & Love at Opera Haus

March 3, 2013

Ever since I got to watch the Mama Mia show last year, I found this sudden interest and appreciation to musicals and plays. Especially that the Les Miserables movie hype is still on, you might find my thought bubbles floating with musical notes.

So when I received an invite to watch the Live, Laugh and Love at Opera Haus, I immediately confirmed my attendance.

The Opera Haus is located in Bautista, Makati. It was a challenge locating the venue, but we knew  we got to the right place because of the parked cars outside the venue.

We were late coming from another event. We were literally show-stoppers. I wanted to melt and evaporate infront of the many music enthusiasts who were so focused on the show. We settled in our seats and the music started playing again.

The room was filled with people from different age range – I am guessing most of them are industry professionals. The lady sitting beside us is actually once a theater actress who performs in plays abroad. I feel little in the room filled with talented people (including the audience).

The act is now about a couple. I settled and watched. Listened, and adored. Then new stories and new artists came in the middle of the stage.  I envied these talented young artists who can sing as if they are just breathing. They move with grace, and reach the highest note effortlessly. I wish I have that talent too.

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The final act is a lot more interesting.. 
All the young, talented artists were introduced..

A smile that produces a nice song and great melodies..
Lucky are these young artists who got to work with the best people
in the industry..
Cheers for the job well done! 
I would want to give a standing ovation 🙂

It was a fun and refreshing night. I would have wanted to stay longer and get to know more the people behind the play, but I was running late for work. I will sure be back and looking forward to watching (and listening) to more musical plays.

Anyway, if you are a young aspiring artist aiming to be part of this great team, or a lover of musical plays, please do like the Philippine Opera Company Fanpage to get updated with the events.

The Opera Haus was actually the venue for the audition of Ms. Saigon. I love the arsty-feel of the place. At the second floor is a Opera Shop where one can buy music related merchandise. All proceeds go to Friends of the Philippine Opera Foundation’s Artistic Development Program. They give free workshops and master classes for artists.

Opera Haus
3657 Bautista St., Makati City
8817168 or 0917-5272880

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