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McCormick Bread Spreads

March 10, 2013

Our family always has a good relationship with McCormick. Even before I took up the course and worked with pots and pans at school, we always trust McCormick products for our spices and flavorings.

Last year, I got invited to a McCormick event for the launch of the McCormick Bread Spread, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go. The PR team is nice enough to advise me that they will send me samples of the new products for me to try. I have totally forgotten about this, as it was during the time when heavy storm hit Manila.

I am surprised to receive a package from McCormick last week. The delivery man might have taken forever to deliver it, but I am just happy to try these new offerings from McCormick!

I know they look like lotion/facial wash, but hey, the packaging makes a good use.

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The McCormick Bread Spread are the new products of McCormick. I have already seen these in the grocery stores in Manila. The Bread Spreads come in an exciting array of flavors – Garlic, Herb Parmesan and Pesto. 

I love that the flavors are not the usual mayonnaise variety. Plus, they are so versatile, they cannot just be used as bread spread- you can use as toppings to canapes, or as dressing to salad, and even flavoring to your dishes and pastas.

I want to go natural first to check how good it is, so I used it as bread spread to my favorite hot pandesal. 

I got too excited and squeezed it immediately, I forgot there is a seal!

So far, my favorite is the Herb Parmessan! I love how it can be easily squeezed and conveniently carried and stored. I can bring it to the office without messing my stuff. The flip cover is just perfect to seal it, I don’t need to worry about re-sealing and folding the package (just like how most bread spreads are packed).

Look Ma, I can even use it with just one hand!
I want to be a little more experimental, so I used it as topping for my German Franks!

I love how it added tangy flavor in my sandwich! Next time, I want to use it as pasta flavoring (especially the Pesto flavor).

If you are worried about how fattening these spreads are, worry not, it comes with 0 transfat. The McCormick Bread Spreads are available in supermarkets in Metro Manila.

SRP: Php75.00

Have you tried the McCormick Bread Spreads? Which one is your favorite?

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