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Mister Donut Goes Japanese with Pon De Ring!

March 15, 2013

Pon De Rick and the whole Mister Donuts team invited me last Tuesday for an intimate dinner to let us taste the newest offerings of Mister Donuts. The event was held in the newly renovated Mister Donut Cafe in Greenhills. I remember staying in this place years ago – having coffee, donuts and fun conversation with friends after work.

After so many years, I am surprised to see the store to have a more colorful, and livelier ambiance, and the menu offers pasta, sandwiches and designer donuts. If you are wondering what is the special new products from Mister Donut, there is no more need for wondering and pondering, as I present to you Pon De Ring.. 

The box would make you think I bought it in Japan!

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What is Pon De Ring?

I know, the name would make you ponder! It is a special bread-slash-donut which is soft and chewy. It reminds me of the bicho-bicho, a local Filipino snack; but the different flavors make it extra special. It is not the typical bread which is rough on your tongue; it is not even airy but fluffy. I like it!

Pon De Ring is an original Mister Donut offering which is a big hit in Japan and has now landed in the Philippines. We were lucky to have tasted the new Pon De Ring flavors even before its launch. I personally love the cheese flavor (with lots of cream). Tasted like Ensaimada.

The Pon De Ring goes well with Mister Donut coffee.
I want to take home the mug!

Lucky for us as we no longer need to fly to Japan to taste these yummy treats. All we need to do is visit the newly renovated Mister Donut Store in Greenhills. Pon De Ring price depends on the flavor, but it starts at Php35 (which is fairly reasonable).

Pon De Ring was invented in 2003 by Mister Donut (2003 seems like only yesterday..). On one of Pon De Ricks’ travels, he discovered a Brazilian cheese bun called Pao De Quejio. The buns are made of cassava flour and cheese – and he fell inloved with its taste so he sough the South American recipe and adapted it to his first love – donuts.

The New Mister Donut Cafe

The new ambiance of Mister Donut Cafe is hip and young. It is totally different from the usual Mister Donut store – although it is not comparable to the coffee shop’s interiors. The Mister Donut Cafe is the upscale version of the Mister Donut stores, but it stayed true to its identity.

I would love couches and chairs like these at home

Even the counter has a different look

You would even be surprised with the menu offerings. Mister Donut Cafe offers pasta, sandwiches and interesting desserts and milkshakes!

Wagyu Burger (with add on cheese and bacon)

Interesting offering – Wagyu Burger at Mister Donut!

I am surprised it is good! And a nice alternative to the usual
bread and croissant!

Pasta which reminds me of my childhood!
Sweet and cheesy!

You may want to visit the new Mister Donut Cafe and check out the new Pon De Ring. The store is open 24 hours; and don’t be surprised to see pictures of this cute creature all over the place. That’s Pon De Rick!

Have you tasted the Pon De Ring? What do you think?

Connect to Mister Donut:!/MisterDonut_PH

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