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Samsung Digital Appliances

March 24, 2013

I think I will find myself in the Home and Living section of Department Stores after Samsung launches the new Digital Appliances product lines.

Last week, Samsung revealed (amazing) product lines from microwave oven, to refrigerators and washing machines.

It was an interesting event, as the host claimed that she is a yaya and her bosses are the Samsung brand Ambassadors – Tessa Prieto Valdes, Daphne Osena and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo. 
The Samsung Team is very proud to share their latest products. I love the pride in each Samsung business head who went up the stage to introduce the new products. I would have the same pride if I am working for Samsung (very much the same pride I have for the company I am working for) – the products that they have are not just work of art but innovative too. 

Click Read More to know the new Samsung products.. 

Samsung calls it – Digital Love – because these practical digital appliances were made in comfort and savings in mind. 
Air Conditioner with Wi-Fi
Let’s start with the essential appliance this summer – the Air Conditioner. The usual cool and germ-free air with virus detector technology is the signature Samsung Technology. It deactivates the bacteria and turns into vapor resulting to a steady flow of clean air. Add a Smart Inventer Technology that makes it 60% energy-efficient and an advanced Smart Wi-Fi (which means it can be controlled remotely from anywhere with internet connection) would make everyone fall inlove with it. 
Washing Machine (Wobble Technology)
I might enjoy washing my clothes this summer just to beat the heat. I might enjoy it more with Samsung’s washing machine with Wobble Technology that is gentle on fabric. It keeps original quality of clothes and with Digital Inventer Motor, it is more energy-efficient and gentle. I  my mom wash(es) my delicate clothes by hand, and I think this washing machine can make a good best friend to my mom. 

Samsung Microwave Oven (with anti bacterial properties)

Let’s go to my favorite part of the house – the kitchen – where all the good things happen. I don’t cook, and microwave is  one of my best friends.Samsung Microwave Oven has anti-bacterial properties and has rustic ceramic enamel cavity which prevents unsightly scratches. Look how sleek it is! I want it in my kitchen counter!!!

Samsung Digital Inverter Refrigerator

It was funny to find out that in the office, we have a Samsung Ref in the pantry with the child-lock feature. My friends were trying to figure out how to use it and we were wondering why do we have such ref in the office.

Anyway, the Samsung Digital Inverter Refrigerator is energy efficient, and innovative allowing to keep the food fresh and crisp. We can probably do grocery every two weeks and lessen wet market trips with this ref.

The Samsung Brand Ambassadors talked about how Samsung make their lives easier, allowing them to spend more time with family.

I cannot believe how these celebrities juggle their work as celebrity, mom, and a wife – even making themselves available to attend events. I, who just juggle my work, and blogging aside from being a daughter and a friend find it difficult to perform all the tasks with only 24 hours in a day. If  Samsung works as if it gives you superpowers, I want to replace all the appliances at home with Samsung!

These lovely ladies also shared their favorite Samsung appliance. Tessa shared that she is amazed with the Samsung TV which gives real-life experience especially when her kids are playing video games. Daphne adores the Samsung Ref which is the focus of her kitchen (I love her kitchen!). While Rissa loves the airconditioner, which even her son brags to her friends. It is like a transformer. And I also remember my first taste of a remote control appliance. Years ago. 
Just when I thought the event was over, it was time to unveil what’s behind the curtain.. 

Tan..tan.. taaaaan!!!

Dealers, bloggers and media people got to check out the new Samsung Products. And I took the chance to have my pic taken with Ms. Daphne Osena. Fan mode on: I adore her since the F! days. I am surprised to see how lean she looks in person (which makes me a bit insecure). Seriously. She is soo pretty in person and nice too. I remember on a flight from Toronto to Vancouver, the Air Canada flight attendant looks so much like her. Everytime I look at the FA, I was seeing Daphne.. I don’t know if there is a connection that Daphne is Canadian. 😉

Btw, we are now using the Daphne Home Scents at home and I just want to say that the scents are sophisticated and calming. I am hoping to write a review about it soon.

It was a good night;  though it was a little sad because it is my PR friend’s last official event. It is weird thinking that I wouldn’t be able to see him on the future events. He is one of the few PR people who really know how to build relationships and make everyone feel special. Thank you Adrian, and good luck.

Sooo.. which Samsung Appliance would you like to own? 

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