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Club New You’s #RocktheFatAway

April 8, 2013

If you have been following me on Twitter – @ruthilicious, you might have noticed that I kept on tweeting last Saturday with hashtag #RocktheFatAway. People might think I don’t need to lose weight, but I seriously want to rock and stay healthy.

Roche Xenical invited us to the launching of the new campaign from Club New You through an intimate event in Holiday Inn Suites Makati. 

The friendly people from Roche welcomed us and feed us information about health and wellness. Some interesting facts:

  • Obesity and overweight rank fifth among leading risks for global deaths according to WHO. 
  • Almost 25% of Filipino Adults are overweight and 6% of those are obese, per study of Food and Nutrition Research Institute.
  • We are creating a nation of heavyweights! with high risk disease factors – respiratory and heart problems, live and gall bladder diseases and diabetes and cancer. 
  • It is life threatening and lifestyle threatening – I know people who refuse to travel because they are afraid that airlines, boats and transportation could not accommodate them – how sad is that? 
  • We can do something about this by making the right choices. 

Roche and Xenical partnered with Philippine Association for the Study of Overweight and Obesity to launch a campaign to help people rock the body. The campaign reminds people the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight requires holistic approach that includes healthy diet, regular physical activity and taking care of all aspects of well-being.

It is nice that the event/campaign is not just solely focused on taking Xenical. During the event, the team also answered questions about the product. I always hear about Xenical, and I know some friends who have taken it.

Some learnings about Xenical:

Click Read More to know more about Rocking the Fat Away..

  • It should be taken 3 times a day with meals. 
  • It blocks oil absorption in the body, and eliminate through bowel movement – so the oil, cholesterol don’t go to your waist, hips and other body parts;  BUT those who take Xenical must also do physical activity to lose the weight. 
  • Xenical cannot do wonders overnight – you have to be patient. 
  • Oil will be expelled from the body – yes, that is true – that’s why people experience the need to always go to the washroom. 
  • There is no study yet conducted on the safety of taking Xenical for breast-feeding moms. 
  • It doesn’t enter to your bloodstream, and just work on your stomach – it is non-systematic. 

Sounds good, although I don’t really feel the need to take Xenical now – I can do with getting more physical. But before going to the main event – Zumba session (in which the team has invited Zumba instructors), it is time to indulge first ..

How can I eat all these oil and fatty meal 
after the wellness talk?!

.. and desserts!

Enjoying the epic Iced Tea from Holiday Inn..

After the Q&A with the resident doctor, it is time to get on our feet and Zumba-ing! It is my first time to do Zumba. I keep on promising to attend the session with friends, but it only took Roche and Xenical team to actually make me dance and sway to the beat of the music!
It was fun, and engaging, but I was not ready to get sweaty as I have another event to attend that afternoon. Plus, my energy bar is dropping to zero coming straight from work the night before. 
A few hiphop moves and you will really sweat, and it is a fun way to lose weight. I should start organizing  Zumba session in the office. 
After the session, and photo-opp with the team, we went down to the Glorietta Activity Center to check out the public event and find our way to wellness discovery. 
There are a lot of people lined-up,
just goes to show more people are interested
about health and wellness
First stop is at the registration..
I love the campaign #RocktheFatAway

We were given this passport that we need to 
complete for a chance to win XBox

Each pitstop has clues and activities to complete.. 

First Stop: Body

We were asked to step in a weighing scale
that calculates our fat mass, body mass and metabolic age.. 

I am surprised to find out my metabolic age 
is that of 19 years old! 

But that doesn’t mean I should be static..

Second Stop at Beauty Pit

We were asked to look for activties that 
promote wellness..

I found ballet, running and yoga!
Third Pit Stop is about Diet

We were asked to once again look for 
food that are healthy and nutritious

I found grapes, papaya, banana, apple and watermelon!
 The Fourth Stop is about WorkOut

During the event, there were guest instructors who
led sessions for the participants. 

This one is a yoga session.

We got our stamp as we already did
the Zumba session before the main event
The last stop is the Photo Opp at the booth
(which we did as a group!)

I had to leave early after completing the passport (missing the chance to win the XBox! Ouch!) as I am feeling drained already. I needed to catch some sleep and rest. One thing I have learned is to not deprive myself from sleep and push the limits. Just because I can still go and stay up late means I will stay up late. No, no!
So I also missed seeing Marc Nelson and Mitzi Borromeo who hosted the event, and performances by Bituin Escalante and Rapper/DJ Josh Dash Calzado who sang the original campaign track “Rock It (Rock the Fat Away)” – it was being played the entire event – I kind of had LSS of the song!

But hey, I got a tweet back from Marc Nelson! Yihee.. I love celebrities who know how to converse with “normal” people 😉

Here are the stuff I got to take home from 
completing the passport and roadmap to wellness!

Shirt (designed by Rhett Eala), Xenical pack, 
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Lightwater

Thank you to Xenical, Roche, Get Hooked 360 and Girl-Kuripot 
for the invite and for the awesome event!
Here are the Zumba Girls!
If you want to be part of the Club New You and #RockyourFatAway, – the club has tools like BMI calculator, rewards program (just by entering promo codes from Xenical packs), and model search through the wellness stories (it could be you!). 
How do you Rock Your Fat Away?!

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