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Easy Shopping at Eazy Fashion

April 4, 2013

I love online shopping even before there is Zalora, and AyosDito. With more, and more online shops opening and even retail stores introducing their very own online shops, it is like a playground on cyberspace.

My involvement in shopping is not just as a buyer but as a seller too . I used to make accessories and sell them online. I took pictures of the pieces, wrote description, and market them online – mostly in Multiply and Ebay. I have high respect to online sellers who continuously sell stuff online, maintain their site and answer customers’ queries – and get them involved. One of which is the Eazy Fashion Shop.

I got a note last month from Eazy Fashion introducing their site and a proposal to partner with me? I have to be honest, I was a bit cautious as I know there are alot of scams online. Who am I, anyway? I am just your ordinary blogger. Oftentimes, the notes and proposals from big brands and sponsors just surprise me.

Click Read More to know what I think of Eazy Fashion.. 

Anyway, I checked the site and I got really impressed with the online shop. I could mistaken it for a Korean-owned site.  There are categories of items for sale – and I mean wide category – from accessories, bangles, rings, earrings, dresses, bags, shoes and even knick knacks. You can buy a whole outfit from the shop.

There are also nice pictures of the products. It adds credibility to the site (just my opinion on pictures). The lay-out is good too and easy to navigate.

I love that there is a Live Chat and Help Support – customer service is far more important than any beautiful product on sale.

I am ready to say “yes” to the partnership, but before I did, I found myself checking the items for sale.

I found this Royal Blue Dress.. well, seductive.. and although I know it would just look like a top to me, it went straight to my cart.

This ring also caught my attention.. so it went to my cart too.

I am thinking of getting some fun nail materials too.. but I just wanted to test the site, so I stopped at the two items.

The following day, I received packages and one is from Eazy Fashion! Glad that the team didn’t fail me.

The material of the dress is good 
and as described/pictured in the site

The items are packed in individual plastics
Ahh.. I remember putting too much effort
on the packaging of my items for shipment. 
I want the receiver to feel like he/she is opening a gift..

Thank you Eazy Fashion and Kathryn for the smooth transaction!

Now, if you think shopping online is messing with your finances, you can try to be a reseller instead. Eazy Fashion also offers reseller’s program where you can start an online business with less capital. Easy – Peasy, you can even just post the same pictures of products and description, and get discounts and gifts.

Check out the Reseller page to know how it works. By the way, when you register at the site and when asked where you here it from, please note that my name – Ruthilicious as referrer. Thank you!

I am happy with the services of Eazy Fashion and looking forward to working with the team. So.. if you want to own products from Eazy Fashion, stay tuned. There might be a give-away coming soon!

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