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Electrolux’s Everyday Escape – New Appliances

April 22, 2013

I was just telling my friend last week, that my last visit to the beach was a few years ago. I never realized that just by attending an event in Makati Shangri-la would bring me to a great escape as Electrolux transformed Rizal Ballroom to an exotic island!

Before the event, guests were treated with mocktails and canapes as we enjoy simple entertainment. Great escape from the stressful challenges at work. I needed it.

Then, suprise! surprise! Electrolux raffled off amazing prizes – spa packages, and Electrolux appliances. And that was just the beginning of the event. 
Electrolux Philippines Marketing Manager, Terry Sales and 
Product Manager, Andrea Pionilla with event host

It is always nice to attend Electrolux events (see some Electrolux events I attended here). It is always fun, exciting and full of surprises – plus, Electrolux peeps are always warm and friendly. It was nice to see these familiar faces, and I am glad that they are happy to see me too 😉

Click Read More to know what Everyday Escape Electrolux is offering..

I thought we were already in the main event hall, until we were welcomed to the Rizal Ballroom..

and this what welcomed us..

I am ready to wear bikini if not for the freezing cold temperature

I so loved the set-up and theme, that I even found myself taking pictures and posting in Instagram. Something that I rarely do. I was hypnotized by the set-up..

Guests anticipated what more to expect, we were welcomed with executives from Electrolux and we were once again treated with more entertainment as we enjoy the dinner.

Baihana is amazing! 
Does anyone know if they have an album? 
I want to buy!!

So it is time for the big reveal. Electrolux introduces the amazing new products – FlexFresh and NutiFresh refrigerators which amazingly promotes healthier and fresher lifestyle. While the Time Manager washing machines help achieve balance in harmony at home. 
Hosts Ginger Conejero and Paulo Abrera 
looked amazing that night!

Cute and engaging presentation

Then.. tan.. tan.. taannn..!!

Curtains revealed the new products! 

Wow, I was praying to take home one after the event!

Key product features of NutriFresh and FlexFresh refrigerators:
  • Adaptive Defrost System- help save energy and improves food preservation
  • Deo-Fresh – dual/triple nano copper deodorizers that absorb stray odors
  • Fresh Logic (only from NutriFresh) – multiple functions with one touch that allow temp control, holiday/quick freeze, drinks chill mode.
  • Market Fresh Criper – humidity control to ensure fruits and vegetables freshness
  • Multi-Flow System – ensures constant air circulation
  • NutriLight  (only from NutriFresh) – stimulates real sunlight, helping improve the nutrition and vitamin content of food
  • FlexStor – section in the door of the fridge that can be adjusted for taller drinks
  • FlexSpace  (only from NutriFresh) – fold away shelving system in the freezer to store large containers.
  • FlexFlesh Compartments  (only from NutriFresh) – versatile storage to cater for variety of food.
  • Fast Freeze – cooling vents behind the ice making tray to help generate ice quicker.
  • Door Alarm – ensures that fridge is never accidentally left open
Key features of Time Manager range: 
  • Time Manager – four predetermined time options based on how soiled your clothes are. 
  • Load Sensor – guides you to select the perfect cycle for your load – saving time, energy and water.
  • X-tra Wide Door – wider than average door (344 mm) makes loading and unloading easier.
  • Leaf Lifter – promotes gentle tumbling of clothes for delicate fabric
  • Lily Drum – lily-shaped perforations in the dream increases the surface contact to ensure more dirt are removed. 
  • Vapour Action – helps to remove household allergens in clothes by up to 99.9%
  • Refresh Cycle – uses Vapour Action to relax fibres and steam out wrinkles in clothes.
  • Jet Wash System – jet spray helps increase water circulation.
  • IQ Touch – easy to use panel with graphic LCD display highlights icon which is easier to follow.
  • Luxury Quiet – it has noise reduction pack 
  • Lightcraft – light strategically placed within drum that activates upon opening of door giving more visibility while loading and unloading clothes. 

Ginger and Paulo checked out the products. They are as impressed as I am. We really need a new ref at home, and now that a new product design is released, it is even harder to decide what product and brand to buy!

But I love the Washing Machine, I agree with Ginger, we don’t want our neighbors to know we are doing the laundry. And looks like Paulo agrees that he needs a washing machine as good as this for his running clothes.

You bet that Electrolux gave away appliances that night and even trips to Boracay, Cebu, Bohol and Bali! Too bad, I had to leave early for work. I later found out that Martin Nievera made a surprised visit and serenaded the guests.

Fun and relaxing night – thank you to Electrolux (as always!) and Fleishman Hillard for the event! I think it was my first time to attend a Fleishman Hillard event and I love the warmth and friendliness of the team! Thank you, and congratulations!

And here I am escaping from the stressful work 😉

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