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RCBC launches RCBC Fully Booked Credit Card for Book-Lovers

April 22, 2013

Credit cards may be the biggest antagonists for some, but I love credit cards. I have good relationship with credit card companies.

Now I am thinking of getting an RCBC card too – the pioneering credit card brand – especially it has partnered with Fully Booked – country’s leading bookstore. Now suddenly, I miss doing book reviews. 

Yes, I may be one of the few who still love reading actual books than ebooks, and I enjoy making trips to the bookstore. The smell of the books and its crisp cover are simply joys for me – even if the pages sometimes give me paper cut.

Well, the new RCBC Fully Booked Credit Card will give book-lovers to some of the most unique finds and latest releases from Fully Booked.

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This is exciting, because Fully Booked as you know doesn’t just offer books but also magazines, DVD’s, and other cool stuff.

What are the perks of getting an RCBC Fully Booked Credit Card? 

1) Enjoy 10 percent discount instantly with every purchase at any Fully Booked branch.
2) Get cash rebates of up to 10 percent.
3) Get one free book on early purchases and on renewal period! Wow!
4) Cardholders are even entitled to invites to exclusive events, special sales and new arrivals.
5) Discounts at partner establishments.
6) Installment option of zero percent interest for big-ticket purchases. A bigger wow!

The Fully Booked RCBC Bankard MasterCard is the country’s first specialty bookstore co-brand credit card. Too bad I missed the actual launch event.

An alliance with the highly-esteemed LJC Restaurant Group produced the first fine dining credit card brand, the LJC-RCBC Bankard MasterCard. Of course, there is Mango-RCBC Bankard MasterCard,
which is the first credit card co-branded with a premier fashion brand. In the home-building
supplies industry, the Wilcon-RCBC Bankard is the first to cater to the needs of homeowners and
building designers.

Looks like RCBC has everything that consumers need.

If you want to apply for the RCBC Fully Booked, visit:

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So what is your current book read?
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