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May 27, 2013

A Larger Than Life Tribute

I just want to share this awesome surprise by Ceelin during Mother's Day event. Too bad I missed the actual screening, as I was out of the country.

Ceelin, the leading children’s Vitamin C brand, came up with a Mother’s Day tribute that highlighted their campaign for this year: Pamana. With the word’s direct English translation being inheritance, Ceelin’s Pamana campaign highlights the sacrifices moms have made, as well as the values and lessons they have left their children to help shape the people they are today.

And last Mother’s Day, Ceelin helped mothers and children relive and celebrate the Pamana during a very special screening at the Greenbelt 3 cinemas.

It all started with the Pamana stories of five people: a yuppie in the advertising industry singlehandedly brought up by his mom; a doctor who is a daughter to fellow medical professionals, and is new to motherhood herself; a woman born differently abled and raised selflessly by her mother; a fashion designer whose mom had to keep the family together from thousand of miles away; and a celebrity who  On Mother’s Day, these people brought their moms to the cinema as a Mother’s Day treat. Little did the mothers know that the treat wasn’t the movie. They would soon discover that the treat was what was going to be shown on-screen. The mothers watched on—stunned, surprised, and touched, as their children on screen paid tribute to their moms in a way that’s truly larger than life.

It was, after all, a tribute that these mothers truly deserved, for everything they’ve left, sacrificed, or done for the greatest legacies they have—their children.

Watch the heartwarming Mother’s Day Surprise on Ceelin’s YouTube page at youtube.com/user/ceelinphilippines

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