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Mother’s Day Contest: #PamanaNiNanay

May 8, 2013

It is Mother’s Day this Sunday, what are your plans?

I will be out of the country (if the plan pushes through), and unfortunately, I will not have the chance to be with my mom on Sunday – but that is okay. It only means quality time for her and dad. And besides, I try to make everyday a mom/family day.

How do you show your mom that she is special? I, personally try to make her feel special everyday, as simple as making her laugh, and not giving her much headaches, especially at this  my age. She is my favorite companion when shopping – as she also makes most of my clothes – she knows what fits perfectly, and she is not that conversative. She is okay that I wear minis, sleeves, and even shorts. She makes me feel like I am still a kid – preparing my meals and packed lunch everyday. She still does most of the things for me. She listens to my stories and laughs at my jokes. I can go on and on and tell you about the things she does. Now thinking of her makes me worry that I can never be like her. Oftentimes I think that I am not ready to be a mother yet – probably because she has sheltered me and still makes me feel like a baby. That’s the beauty of motherhood. Every kid will always be a mom’s baby. No matter what age you are.

Last year, I sent my mom flowers

I wish to take her to beautiful places that I have seen and let her experience the things I have experienced. It is always the same feeling – when I see beautiful things, I thought of the people I love and think that I wish, they were seeing these things too. I remember our first out-of-the-country trip together. It was fun. We both discovered new things, and I feel guilty that I sometimes get impatient with her questions and her curiousity. How can I be soo bad?

We all have hectic schedules, but all of us have access to internet – so Ceelin, thought of paying tribute to our dear moms through social media.

Here are the schedules and wish you could participate:

         Upload memorable photos together with your mother. The uploaded photo will have a caption where you need to answer the question “What did your mom do to make you who you are today?”

All photos will be shared across your online assets (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) with the use of the hashtags #ThrowbackThursdays or #tbt and #PamanaNiNanay. Follow @Igersmanila as they are the ones conducting the contest and will choose winner.

        Post one tweet about Mother’s Day using the hashtag #PamanaNiNanay, or comment in the Ceelin Facebook Fanpage. Ceelin will choose a winner to receive some goodies.

I am excited to see the posts and know what are your moms’ greatest legacy (pamana) is. I want to read some feel-good stories.

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