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Room Clean-up and What’s in the Mail?

May 6, 2013

Oh hello, friends! I miss you!

There had been just so much going on in my life last month – but the good thing is, I am back!! Here is one post that talks about what kept me busy aside from the loving bonding I had with my niece and nephew.

I spent my weekend again cleaning my room. I meant to reconnect with my friends but I couldn’t stand the chaos in my room. Surprisingly, I had fun rediscovering myself once again through old letters, planners, and stuff that used to mean something to me.

Some stuff I shared on Instagram (gosh, I cannot believe I am enjoying posting pictures on instagram!).

Time and time again, I remember having second thoughts whenever I would do a major clean up – should I throw this thing away? Should I keep it? Yesterday, I had finally let go of some stuff and still kept the ones that mean something to me today. I know I am such a packrat. Maybe the next time I uncover and unbox my things, I can finally make a decision.

I have such a small room, and I try not to keep as much items as possible. I purposely do not buy extra storage because it would mean more space to keep things – to be more sentimental?

Anyways, I just want to share the things that I got from the mail. It is always nice to receive something from the mail – virtual or not. The unexpected ones are always the best!

Click Read More to see what’s in the mail!!

The Superlux Headphones from my friends
 in Ace Saatchi & Saatchi!
This is truly unexpected! Thank you!
Because I got so overwhelmed, I even found myself 
posting a selfie in FB! Haha
I need a new one for my movie marathons!

This is my third delivery from SampleRoom!
Are you already a member? 
Read here to find out why I am loving the site. 
(except that, they haven’t responded to my note yet)

Look! I have purposedly positioned this book 
like that.. It’s story and feature will be
published in
Stay connected!

Look who is ready for summer!
Sunsilk Hair Experts made me ready for summer with
this bag complete with towel, water bottle, and cute 
sunglasses – and Sunsilk Shampoo and Conditioner!
Do you have suggestions of place to go to?
Loooove my April BDJ Box!
Thank you BDJ Team! 
It is as if the products are carefully chosen to make 
the kit perfect for summer!
I have already tried some of the products, and 
I will make a separate blog about the review. 😉

There you go, some nice items to make me smile. But I guess I have a bigger reason to smile. Watch out for the upcoming posts!

*Praying and crossing my fingers until it hurts.. 😉

What are the small things that made you smile this weekend?

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