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Vote (Wisely) Early Tru 7-Eleven’s “7-Election Campaign”

May 1, 2013
Looks like 7-Eleven made election day earlier than scheduled. I found these nice cups that enables one to cast their votes and show their support to their senatorial candidates. A purchase of 16 oz (473 ml) GULP! cup enables you to cast your vote.  The gig actually started last month, and gives a preview on who is leading in the race.

I remember seeing Election Cups from previous presidential election. In 7-Eleven US, this kind of campaign has been implemented since 2000. Interesting facts – Obama had a BIG GULP over McCain in 2008, and outcupped Romney in 2012.

For Philippine Election 2013, 7-Eleven cups will allow customers to vote/show support for the coalition/party instead of to individual candidates.

So there are 3 cups..

From the counter alone, we can tell who’s team is leading..

Team Pinoy
Team Una
All In-One-Cup/Independent

So how to cast your vote?

Click Read More to find out how this fun voting works.. 

1. Choose Your Cup!

2. Get your drinks

My choice of cup is dependent on the design.. 

My friend also got hers..
3. Go to the cashier and pay for your drinks. Let the cashier scans the cup code. Clerk must ask you first which party you are voting! This is a control point! Make sure the cashier asks you the question 😉
4. Your vote is counted! Every Friday, 7-Eleven will tally the store and all-stores results and post in the store. 
Wondering how to show support to your senatorial candidates? 

1. Visit and cast your vote.

2. Choose your 12 Senatorial Candidates.

3. Check out the results and find out if your bets are leading!

You can check the results in all 7-Eleven stores, but for your convenience, here is the result link.

Interesting, yes?

Of course, the numbers are unofficial votes/results, but numbers are numbers – and numbers can make us arrive to a decision or change minds.

This promo runs until May 6th only! You may not be totally engaged in politics, but these cups make a good collectible.  If you want to participate in Twitter discussion, use hashtag #7Election

So what’s your design pick? Who are your bets?

Disclaimer: This post is not in support of any party or senatorial candidate. 

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