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Getting to Know the Hottest Boys in Las Vegas – Chippendales Before the Ultimate Girl’s Night Out (June 11 to 15)!

June 11, 2013

Okay girls, I will give you a reason to keep on reading. If I say macho men, firm muscles, sexy smiles and Las Vegas’ hottest men – and you are still yawning and not convinced – please scroll down and see this photo:

Well, the famous group of macho men from Las Vegas is back in Manila for the Ultimate Girl’s Night Out on June 11 to 15. Girls, let’s welcome the Chippendales with a loud scream!!!

Well, I was able to contain myself yesterday as I arrived in Marriott Hotel for the presscon, and what greeted me are the boys hanging out at the hotel lobby. They look so strong with their toned muscles,  but I am telling you they are fine, funny and real sweethearts.

Chippendales received the Las Vegas Review Journal’s prestigious “Best of Las Vegas Award“, and named one of the Top 10 Girl Getaways by MSNBC.

Let me introduce with you guys – the Chippendales –

Michael Cross, Matt Marshall, Vanja Kapetanoviic, Kevin Cronell, Kris Davis, Josh Dubios, Bryan Cheatham, and Dylan Rush

To know more about the Chippendales, please click

During the press briefing they shared what the audience can expect from them – high energy, fully choreographed, interactive show performed by physically elite men (from different races) who will playfully dance and sing their way into the hearts of girls. How exciting!

As they understand that Philippines is a bit of a “shy” crowd, but they confirm that there will be no restrictions in the show. Only in some countries with specific restrictions and requirements.

I meant to ask the question how they keep their moves and performances current and who does the choreography, it is as if Bryan has heard me and answered the question and shared their routine with the press.

The boys gamely answered the questions from indecent proposals, craziest thing a fan ever did (like there was one fan who climbed up Kevin‘s hotel and knock on his window) to how their typical they is – mostly traveling and performing – that Dylan shared he sometimes just got lost of sense of time.

Most of them had been a Chippendale for years – and for the guys who are wondering how one can apply? Well, they do an audition and probably do through baptism of the fire.

Before being a Chippendale, most of them had performed several jobs – probably like the job that I do or you do. One that registers to me is that Vanja being a rockstar 🙂

Knowing that it is their second visit to Manila, these hot men are actually looking forward to really seeing the Philippines – especially that they will have shows in Cebu and Pampanga.  Kris shared that he is actually looking forward to playing golf. While Matt admits he once live in Subic as a kid.

When asked who among the famous Filipino celebrities they know – they answered Manny Pacquiao – and Bryan mentioned – Charice Pempengco – when we told him she might have different preferences now, he said Charice might need to see the Chippendales, and probably she would change her mind! Too funny and cute!

For the girls out there wondering what type of girls would attract these men – well, it is a fact that they travel and meet the most amazing women all over the world – but of course, it all boils down to the basics – intelligence, figure and Kris admits – a sexy tattoo.

Here it directly from these guys..

Now girls, don’t hate me. I got a little too comfy with these guys – but really they are so fine and real gentlemen.

Pictures taken by Jeman of OrangeMagazineTV
(Thank you Jeman!!! Visit his site for more awesome pics!)

Now girls, you will have your chance too.. be among the 2 million people worldwide and scream harder like those from United States, Canada, Europe, Australia & Asia and see these guys. 

“Ultimate Girls Night Out” at the Chippendales Live: The Philippine Tour on June 13 and 14, 2013 at Resorts World Manila, Pasay City. Also on June 11, 2013 at Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu City and June 15, 2013 at Hotel Stotsenberg, Angeles City, Pampanga. Buy your Tickets Online at

Ticket Prices:
For Chippendales Live at Resorts World Manila
Price Zone 1 (VIP) – P4,076.80
Price Zone 2 (Deluxe) – P2,912.00
Price Zone 3 (Balcony) – P2,329.60

Don’t, don’t miss it!

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