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June 19, 2013

Whenever I leave the house and say goodbye to mom, she would always tell me to take care of myself. Just like these days when it is always raining hard, she always plead that I work from home (I felt like a mom leaving her kid whenever I go to work).

Before, I used to get really annoyed thinking she sees me as a little girl who doesn’t know how to take care of myself. I actually stand taller than she is now. But then I realized that like any other moms, she would always sees me as her little girl. I am sure she just wants to shelter me from the evil forces of the world, from the many diseases that some have unknown cure, and from the negativity of other people.

I should know. I grew up from her shelter, love and care – to the point that she never allowed us to play in the streets (and God I am thankful for that). It is not a missed childhood, but more time with her and my grandmother.

Last month, I was nursing a very painful dysmenorrhea. I was glad that we didn’t have to work and I had to stay home. You know that feeling when you feel sick and you just want your mom beside you as you sleep? She came to my room, and offered me a medicine. She knew I am in great pain and feverish, and although she doesn’t want me to take or rely on medicine everytime I feel sick, she does know when I needed it. And she knows the brand – the brand that I grew up with (you guess it right, Biogesic!)  How come mom always know what to do, and what’s best for their kids?

It is the beauty of the loving care of mom – that I truly feel and cherish.

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