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The Cadbury Milk Chocolate Experience

June 23, 2013

When was the first time you tasted a Cadbury Milk Chocolate?

I was in my younger years when I first tasted it – though I couldn’t remember if it came from abroad or from my sister’s suitor. At that time, every chocolate tasted heaven for a kid (well at that young age I know I never really like chocolates with combination of nuts and caramel). Until my tastebuds made a stand and decided to stick with Dark Chocolates. BUT, if there is one milk chocolate brand that I will eat over and over again – it is got to be the Cadbury Milk Chocolate. 

What made Cadbury Milk Chocolate an exception to my rule? I am sure you will agree when I say that Cadbury Milk Chocolate is smooth and creamy.

Everytime I take a bite, the chocolate just melts perfectly in my mouth – it is full and compact, in the sense that sometimes I worry if it would choke me (in such great divine experience! Choking with a Dairy Milk Chocolate!). Then, as you slowly swallow it, you will feel how velvety it feels and even after finishing the bar, you will feel that taste in your mouth. That is what we (baristas) call and describe the “body” – just goes to show Cadbury Milk Chocolate is made of real dairy milk. Eating a bar is literally like drinking a milk. 

See this picture – it just shows how creamy Cadbury Milk Chocolate is! 

Unlike other chocolate bars, I am okay to eat it as is – even if it has melted. I know most of us prefer to store our chocolates in the fridge as most chocolates – when melted, feels crumby (if not sticky), tastes different and sticks to the wrapper – but this is not the case with Cadbury Milk Chocolate. No need to lick the wrapper!

Speaking of wrapper and boxes, Cadbury is the first company to include pictures instead of printed text on chocolate boxes. You can read the Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate history here. 

It has been a while since I had a Cadbury Milk Chocolate (as I usually buy Dark Chocolates), and I am so enjoying it now. I got a little innovative and added some bits and pieces of it in my favorite ice cream flavor – Salted Caramel!

I never realized the Cadbury Milk Chocolate is soo creamy that you can mold it in different shapes and work it like a clay! Might be a nice presentation idea if serving this with kids! But for me, I didn’t need much convincing and designing, I would eat my Cadbury Milk Chocolate in whatever shape it is!
I love that Cadbury Milk Chocolate comes with different flavors – Fruits and Nuts being my favorite (as eating it makes me less guilty – thinking I am on borderline to being healthy!). Here’s a new flavor that I just tried – Cashews and Cookies!
Here’s the unpacking.. 
Blinding gold foil means quality!
Thick and creamy!

Buried inside are cashew nuts and cookie bits

The contrast of nuts and crunch of cookies enveloped in the creamy chocolate is a new experience in chocolate-eating. Have you tried it?

Well, I have to end this post now as it appears my mom is still awake and asking for a bite. That’s the beauty of eating Cadbury Milk Chocolate – it is all about sharing. Looks like I need to bring some bars in the office too, as my friends are also commenting in my Facebook posts and lusting over the chocolates. 😉

So what is your favorite Cadbury Milk Chocolate? 
What do you love most about Cadbury Milk Chocolate?
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