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Calling All HR Practitioners: 6th National HR Summit

July 28, 2013

I never realized that the saying “so many opportunities, so little time” will be applicable to my life now. I am checking my work inbox and I see opportunities, I am looking at my personal inbox, and I see opportunities, and when I opened my Career Smart page, and I see numerous training offerings – but all I need is time (more than high speed connectivity) to grab them.

Whenever I feel like complaining about my work load, I do a quick check and realize that there is nothing really to complain about. I have flexibility in my work, I get to attend numerous trainings and even (global) leadership immersion program, I work with people globally, there is work-life balance and our leaders push us to advance our careers. People should not be surprised – I am on my 5th year with my current company. Honestly, it is not the salary that makes me stay, but probably how talents (and our issues) are being managed.
Now, here is an interesting training for all HR practitioners, HR Professionals, Managers and CEOs – the 6th National HR Summit where one can Scout, Source, Develop and Keep his/her Talents 
August 1-2, 2013 at Crowne Plaza Galleria from 8:30am to 5:00pm. 
Registration is on-going for the following rates:
Early Bird Rate – P 7,995.00 + VAT (until July 19, 2013)
Regular Rate – P 8,795.00 + VAT (starting July 20, 2013)
Group Rate – P 7,600.00 + VAT per pax (5 pax or more)
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I am also an HR Practitioner, and although I am not part of the Organizational Development Team of our company (well, I once aspired to be part of the team!), my work also has a direct impact on managing our company’s talents – globally. 
The training has a good line-up of topics, but I am interested with A Must: Pre-empting Discipline and Grievance. No matter how good your programs are for talent management, people have different personalities and conflict will always arise. How does HR handle this kind of situations to not side with any of the parties, and make them focus on the company’s goals?
Pre-empting Discipline. I am not sure if that references to making your new hires believe in your company’s goals and adhere to the codes of conduct, but I see that as the biggest challenge of the company especially those who do mass hiring. Hiring the best people is tough, but making them stay and making them believe with your goals are tougher. 
What do you think are the challenges of Human Resources?
This event is a collaboration between Powermax Consulting Group, Philippine DailyTopic highlights include Talent Management to Sustain Growth; The Future Work; Talentship and Sustainability – A New HR Program Paradigm; Identifying and Developing High Potentials; A Must: Coaching Program; WLP in Talent Management; Generating Employee Engagement Thru Exemplary Leadership; A Must: Wellness Programs for Life Balance; A Must: Pre-empting Discipline and Grievance; Developing Employee Personal Magnetism; Coaching for Results; Talent Development Strategies; Work Life Balance to Sustain Employee Engagement; Leadership Development and Succession Planning; Strategic HR Programs: Offensive or Defensive?; Executive Integration: Charting the Path to Success; Best HR Programs and Practices in Talent Management; and OD on Innovation and Creativity.

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