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The Cadbury Creamy Milk Chocolate Fountain

July 7, 2013

Do you want to see how smooth and creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate is? Well, you can experience and see it as Cadbury Milk Chocolate launches the first in the world – the Creamy Chocolate Fountain. I have seen it, and it feels like seeing the Fountain of Youth. 

Imagine chocolate milk flowing in big tubes which are two-storey high. What is interesting. it is connected to a bar with Cadbury Milk Chocolate bars that resembles piano pieces – and with every pinch it produces different music – and the milk chocolate in each cylinder pipe dances and flows. You can be a Choco DJ!
I missed the actual unveiling, and I just monitored my friends’ updates in Facebook and Instagram. I kept on texting my friend Ning, who told me I can still make it because Jess and Jake were not introduced yet. I thought Cadbury would have mascots named Jess and Jake! Haha. 
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I came just in time when Jesse Mendiola was introduced, who sang a Taylor Swift song. She was so game to try the Creamy Chocolate Fountain. 
Then the Jake that my friend was referring to was, Jake Cuenca!

I felt deaf a few seconds with the loud screaming from the crowd. 
But Jake is so nice to even went down to shake hands with the fans.
Lissa Itton hosted the show and she was wearing this really nice purple dress. 
I wish I could be a great host and dresser like her. 
Jake also tried the musical fountain and it was awesome! 
Here is the close up picture of the chocolate tubes!
This is really an amazing concept. I was thinking if the chocolate will overflow and if I will drown with the yummy, creamy chocolate of Cadbury – what a sweet tragedy. Anyway, if you want to experience to be a cool chocolate DJ, all you have to do is just buy a Cadbury chocolate. 
The Creamy Chocolate Fountain is open to the public from July 6 to August 5. Get to play and experience the chocolate-infused musical fountain for 2 minutes for a minimum purchase of a Cadbury Dairy Milk 30g bar at P25.00 at the SM Megamall Events Center, Lower Ground Floor of Building A. The fountain is like two-storey tall! You cannot miss it!
Well, we are lucky to be able to experience the fun of being a cool DJ that evening. I have seen how chocolate flows in the tube and dances to my upbeat music. Really awesome!
Then of course, I left the event with some more Cadbury Milk Chocoalate goodies.. but since Cadbury Milk Chocolate is really meant for sharing, I decided to just share it with the old woman beggar I met at the taxi lane (I wish she is not diabetic), and to my colleagues. And the few chocolate bars that was left with me taste sweeter. 😉
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