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Top 10 European Destinations Revealed by SkyScanner

August 5, 2013

I remember when I applied for this global leadership program, I selected Europe as my first destination priority. I was lucky to have passed the program but not lucky enough to be assigned to Europe.

It looks like I wouldn’t need another global leadership program to travel to Europe, as more and more Filipinos are traveling to Europe and show interest in visiting the continent as evident with the increase of 53% in flight search.
It is probably because of the the decision to lift the ban on
Philippine Airlines by unanimous votes among the European Commission’s
28 member states.

I am not surprised that United Kingdom
tops the list with population of 200,000 in 2007, UK has been a
favourite destination not only for its rich culture and castles but also
for visiting Filipinos in the country.

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Probably because the famous Union Jack print also adds to the curiosity of the  Filipinos. I wish to bump into Prince Harry if I get to visit U.K.!

The Top 10 European Places:

1 United Kingdom (UK)

2 Germany (DE)

3 Italy (IT)

4 France (FR)

5 Spain (ES)

6 Netherlands (NL)

7 Norway (NO)

8 Denmark (DK)

9 Ireland (IE)

10 Switzerland (CH)

Germany comes second, probably because of the rich culture, cuisine and people who love to party. I remember my Austrian friend who speaks German. She has such a cute accent! Did you know that Filipinos travel to this country as early as 19th century – part of the crowd is Dr. Jose Rizal.

Well, hello Italy, you are third in the list! It would be the first in my list! I soo love Italy – I just thought the place is romantic, plus I think I can eat Italian food everyday! (read evidence here).

I am really planning to visit Europe – probably after India. But looks like India is not coming anytime soon. The good news is, Filipinos can now travel to Europe without having to catch connecting flights (as Janet Ranola, Skyscanner Philippines Manager confirms). 

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