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7-Eleven #BYOCupDay Bring Your Own Cup Day Philippines Happening on November 7, 2013!

October 26, 2013

If 7-Eleven can let you bring any cup to buy, and pull that trigger in the Slurpee machine, what kind of cup would you bring?!

It may sound like a dream, but the dream is coming true on November 7, 2013. Mark your calendars! Yes, 7-Eleven launches the Bring Your Own Cup Day!

I was at the launch last Tuesday in URBN Bar, and I got to see the crazy and creative cups that people will bring just to enjoy the favorite frozen drink – Slurpee!

A little history of the Bring Your Own BYO Cup Day – it all started in 7-Eleven Australia that sent people rushing to the stores with their teapots, pots, canisters and even wheelbarrow!

And now it is happening in the Philippines – for one day only.

Click Read More to know the 7-Eleven BYO Cup Day rules..

The BYO Cup Day in Manila is in partnership with Coca Cola and Slurpee! It is always cool when favorite big brands- Coca Cola as the world’s number one beverage brand and Slurpee as the favorite frozen drink will partner for this fun activity.
Big bosses of the partnering companies are present in the event – and they are all excited to see the crazy cups the customers will bring on November 7, 2013. Again, it is November 7, 2013, not July 11!

As both brands are united in bringing happiness to people (we all know Coca Cola’s tagline, and of course, who wouldn’t be happier with a slurp of Slurpee! What, with its color and texture! I once got addicted with it when I was in high school!) – the partnership will surely bring more happiness to more people!

The rules:

1. No refills.

2. Your cup should fit the 8×9 inch makaCUPangyarihang bilog (the standee would be at the 7-Eleven stores).

3. The cup should be clean and watertight.

4. No container that sags – no plastics and inflatables.

5. No drips and leaks please.

6. Beware of BRAINFREEZE!

 A measuring cup? Why not! 🙂

Victor Paterno, President and CEO of Philippine Seven Corporation with Eric Montinola, Key Accounts Director for Coca-Cola FEMSA

Typical scene during media launches 🙂

It pays to be tall 🙂 
Every guest get to enjoy the Slurpee! Including the new  
Raspberry Slurpee which is now made by Coca Cola!
 I have to get my Slurpee fix too!

I didn’t read the invite.. haha. I just bought my coffee mug
(Tim Horton’s! LOL), I should have bought a big vase!

So mark your calendar, November 7, 2013 – and make sure that you take your pictures and post it on instagram! Use hashtag #BYOCupDay

7-Eleven Bring Your Own Cup Day – Slurpee for only Php29! 
What kind of cup are you bringing on the BYO Cup Day?
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