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Healthy Options Asks You to Post a #FoodlessPlate on Instagram

October 23, 2013

Do you always finish the food in your plate? or are you the type who takes alot of food in your plate and just let your eyes feast on it?

I grew up with an understanding of importance of finishing all the food in my plate, and that any piece of meat or rice wasted means wasting God’s grace. During my travels, I learned that in some culture and countries, finishing your food would be disrespectful for the host, as they interpret it that you are still hungry and would still need another serving. So, people are accustomed to leaving some food in the plate – this is to flatter the host and to show that the food is really good and you feel full that you cannot even finish your food.

Setting aside what is customary, do you think it is just right to finish and consume just the right food that we need? I honestly think so. My blogger friend Flow thinks the same too. In his blog entry, he talked about the campaign that is supported by different sectors, including Healthy Options in creating awareness about food wastage.

Well, waste management is one of the many issues that our country is facing, and food shortage might even come next. I even feel more depressed seeing less fortunate people who find food and satisfaction from these food wastage. That should never be the case. Everyone deserves to have a basic need – food – and a decent supply of it. With the campaign called Foodless Plate, they advocate awareness in ensuring that people only cook and take only the food that we can easily consume.

How can we all participate and support this campaign? Well, we only need our smart phones and smart selves, and an appetite! After taking a picture of your meal/food, don’t forget to also take a picture of your plate – foodless plate (with no leftovers!). Don’t forget to use hashtags  #foodlessplate a tagging @HealthyOptionsPH.

So what is it for you?

Every foodless plate posted on Instagram corresponds to the donation of Healthy Options to their partner organization Hands On Manila Foundation, Inc’s EAT TO FEED program that focuses on the street children by giving them food, shelter and most of all the caring they need.

Isn’t that amazing? You will be able to help just by doing the thing that we usually do – take pictures and share.

So please, post away! You may also tag me on instagram – @ruthilicious. I want to see how you make a difference. 🙂

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