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There’s More to Stackers Other than Burgers

October 13, 2013

I met up with some College Friends last week, and they are nice to agree to meet me in Eastwood where I and another friend work. I met them up in a coffee shop where I used to work! Sweet! Well, not exactly on the same store where I used to work, but an outlet in Eastwood.

We agreed to meet up for dinner, but looks like everyone was feeling full and excited to share stories. We decided to stop by Stackers to have light snack/dinner.

Working in Eastwood at night, you can count the number of restaurants that is open 24/7 (there are a few!), and yes, we usually go to Stackers for dinner, birthday celebration, baby showers and team meetings. But the irony, we still go to the same place when we cannot decide where to eat – and this reunion was one of those times.

Over talks about College days, changes in our lives, pregnancy, giving births and bikini cuts, we had something different from Stackers aside from the usual burgers.

One of my favorites is the Fish and Chips set. It was actually previously recommended by a colleague/friend.

 Fish and Chips Half Php165

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Comes with Fries, Ketchup and Dip

I love how crunchy it is outside, and the fish fillet is flaky and tasty inside. You can wish it is served  with cold beer. Sort of pulutan?

Yes, we love it so much that we even ordered a a whole set. 
Fish and Chips Whole Php265
 Chicken Tender Salad Php148

This salad is not a disappointment as the chicken servings are generous. Fresh green lettuce and lemon dressing with a zing! I am not really a fan of salads, but I might order this again on our next visit. Look a the price, very, very affordable!

 Asian Burger Bowl Php155

Who says burgers are only served with buns? Look at this slab of burger patty served with Romaine greens lettuce, onions, red cabbage, nuts and Asian dressing. It is not the usual Asian Burger I was expecting it to be – no crunchy toppings to add a little contrast to the flavor. Well, there is actually fried wanton flakes, but they are not as crunchy as I expected it to be.  It is, however, surprisingly good and a new salad experience. The sauce is more like a honey-mustard sauce. Something new to try. Good for sharing!

 Bolognese Php105

Well, I am not Ruth if I don’t check out the Pasta section of the menu – and in here, I ordered the Pasta Bolognese. Nothing special or extravagant. I find the serving a little too small (for my big appetite). I say, it is good that it is in the menu for variety.

 Buffalo Wings Php235

This would be the star of the dining table that night. I love how it makes me jump with the first taste of the Buffalo Wings. Hot and spicy it is. Dip it to the Sour Cream dip for a little twist.

Do I make you hungry?
I actually got hungry drafting this post, that I had to take a break 
and find something to eat. 

Believe it or not, we didn’t even get to finish our food (there were 5 of us!). Everything was filling.


For everything that we ordered, we only paid Php1,073. They do accept credit card and the bill doesn’t include service charge, so might as well just leave some bills for the tip.


We are pretty impressed with the server’s memory to memorize our orders without jotting it down. It was disappointing though that the Clam Chowder was not available that night. We have  a pregnant friend who was craving for it! Boo.

Anyway, something to improve on for a cafe that operates 24/7. Other than that, Stackers staff is always very friendly and accommodating. Ready to take our pictures!


Mostly are peeps working in the area. If you get to see a hottie, please do tell me? 🙂


Come as you are! Come in Wonder Woman skirt (that’s what I was wearing!), jeans, short or maxi dress. People won’t mind.


Well, you have to share room with the boys. Better than nothing.


You can utilize Eastwood Parking facility. 


Try ordering the Baked Chicken, and it would take you forever – around 20 to 30 minutes.


Well, we always love Stackers, and we will always dine in here. Stackers also serves coffee (hot or cold), milkshakes, floats and waffles. We should try them next time!

As for the reunion with friends, I realized that:

  • I am stuck at age 18, 25.
  • I am the only one among my friends who is working in an industry not in line with our degree
  • I am not yet ready to have kids
  • I hate the thought of stretchmarks and cuts
  • I might say yes to C-section just because I know I couldn’t take the pain of pregnancy labor
  • I have matured. (yeheeesss!!!)
  • My giggles and kiligs are contagious!

Here’s a photo to sum up the discussion.


Have you tried the other offerings from Stackers?
Where do you guys usually go for dinners and reunions?

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