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Choose to Shine!

November 28, 2013

I am starting a new life, this early. I cannot wait for the new year.

I am taking this big risk, and leaving a wonderful company is such a hard decision to make – but I did it anyway. It is worse than break-up. People are asking me where I am heading (even, our Country General Manager, oh Mariels, she’s the sweetest!). I honestly do not know. I thought I would like to build a career in the corporate world, but it is hard if you feel you are the only one motivating yourself, and you were waiting for something or maybe nothing – that will never happen or will never come. So after 5 years and 9 months, I left.

I received hundred likes to my status message when I posted about My Last Day at IBM. I might have won in a like contest in Facebook. Most are happy, regretful, thankful and excited for me. I wanted to cry. I have no idea how many people I have influenced and inspired. I suddenly thought when I die, and people will share my story – I would no longer get the chance to listen to them, and thank them.

There are so much I learned from the decision I made and from the 5 years I stayed with the company. I hope to share them with you on the next blog post. Until my last day, I chose to shine.

I am still adjusting (or whatever you want to call that). Someone should give an appropriate name to this stage, or feeling. My room is a mess, and my to-do list remains open and untouched. I do not even feel like blogging and writing. I just want to own this time, and space in the universe.

While I am going through this phase, my planner has become my absorber – of thoughts, feelings and drama. I cannot wait for the new planner! It is always nice to have something new in your life.

I have been in a relationship with Belle De Jour planner for 5 years. The brand continuously transform and offer a lot of amazing products for the bellas – like, the BDJ Box – which was launched last year.

Find me on the vid!

Now, there is a new exciting community for the bellas – launching tomorrow – is a community site where BDJ girls get to share their blogs, post about experiences in our events, share favorite outfits and keep in touch with the BDJ community! Exciting!

Sign up at and get a chance to receive FREE gift from Pantene!

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How do you choose to shine?

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