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Register at the Project Headshot Clinic 2013!

November 10, 2013

How hard it is to be a model? I never know. Although I did a few ramp gigs back when I was in College, I never really experienced living the life. Maybe once a year, whenever I stand and pose in support of creating awareness about HIV. For the third year, I posed and had my picture taken by the popular photographer Niccolo Cosme for the Project Headshot 2013. 

What is Project Headshot?

It is an advocacy started by Niccolo Cosme, photographer who started launching the campaign 6 years ago in which he took headshot pictures of celebrities, advocates and supporters of the campaign to create awareness about HIV.

Headshot Clinic 2013

On its 6th year, several cities will be joining Niccolo in bringing back Headshot Clinic Unite — It is going to be a global event! United States, Australia, China, France, Italy, and others will join together with hopes that people will help build awareness and change lifestyle to help prevent spread of HIV.

You can read more about HIV and my first year of participation in this blog – Project Headshot and Take the Test.

It was fun when during the release of the photos, we were all asked to use it as profile picture and it is awesome to see my feed with all my blogger friends changing their pictures and profile pictures all have the same peg! Sometimes, I even get confused that I thought I was the one commenting on a certain status because we all have the same peg.

I have used the photo so many times, that during my global leadership program assignment, my friend from India thought I have just edited the photo to put those brands! (well, because our friend in Mexico did just that to one of his pictures!) When I shared them the story of the Project Headshot, they thought it was awesome! It is! I also used the photo for our company’s directory, and I have received some good commendations about it. Haha.

Click Read More to know how you can be part of the campaign..

In 2012, I became part of the campaign again representing, (wohooo!!!).

It was awesome because after the shoot, I got to get to know Wanggo  better and although I haven’t experienced his trials, I learned a very important lesson from him – to enjoy life. Yes he is positive, never a negative person.


Below is the awesome picture for 2012 HSC campaign.

This year, Niccolo shared that the picture will now be square (which is more awesome for Instagram users!). The shoot was fun and very intimate. I am glad I made it just on time, and I was able to see my blogger friends. I cannot wait to see my shot! I trust that they will choose my best angle.

Here’s some good news, even if you are not part of the media, or a celebrity, you can take part by registering through: and click on the UNITE link.

This year’s peg!


Are you taking part?
 What do you think of this campaign?
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