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Filipino Astronaut Aspirant Passed the G Force Training (Oh No, Not Dancing!)

December 6, 2013

Now that I have more time to think of my future – I am thinking, maybe I want to be an astronaut. I kid.

It seems like I missed the chance of dreaming to be an astronaut as Filipino Astronaut Aspirant, Evan Ray Datuin is now undergoing training in Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA.

How awesome is that?

Some months ago, American astronaut Buzz Aldrin kicked off the AXE Apollo Space Academy (AASA) in New York. The Academy is an online contest that will send 22 winners — all civilians — to space.

So now, a Filipino in the name of Evan Ray Datuin is undergoing training and has passed the G Force Training.

What does it do?

Pic courtesy of @AlanStern

Evan was suited up, strapped in and “blasted off” inside an interactive centrifuge machine that gave him the feeling of being in space as his body absorbed the physical pressure of four times the force of gravity (4Gs).

Prior to this, the team had a Kennedy Space Center tour where they visited the vehicle assembly building, launch pads A and B and saw up-close a gigantic Saturn V rocket.

When I read it I thought it is sort of dancing – G Force! Haha. Well, I hope he does well together with other Filipino Astronaut Aspirant.

I am now following the updates for this cool expedition. Axe always has cool events, check out this awesome Axe Raid that happened last year. I hope they have event for the girls too! Haha.


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