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I am Still Drinking Coffee.. But Will Always Be a Bella (BDJ Planner 2014)

December 5, 2013

I love, love, love it whenever brands that I love (and use) send me message and products – I feel so awesome! Pure happiness!!!

The other day, I received this lovely gift from the Belle De Jour Team. TENEN!!! The Belle De Jour 2014 Planner. 

I feel like a kid unwrapping a Barbie doll package. I love it when Mr. Postman come knocking at our door – even my mom and dad got excited. No kidding. 
Before I go flipping the pages, I checked my other BDJ planners.  
My Belle De Jour Power Planners – books of memories!

You see, I love the Belle De Jour Power Planner to bits. The first  release in 2007, I was not yet aware of it. In 2008, the BDJ planner was becoming a hit then that it was sold out. So in 2009, I made sure I got my copy. If coffee shops have their annual coffee-planner tradition, I have mine too. I remember I love it so much that I even hosted a give-away in 2010. 

Click Read More to see what’s new at Belle De Jour Planner 2014.. 


The Belle De Jour Power Planner stayed true to its design. Why, do I feel excited about using it, that I want to rush the days so I can now start writing in my new planner.

I love this page! Plus. the tips are from When in Manila! I know alot wants to be a blogger. Actually, it is much more fun to be a story-teller than a blogger. 🙂 If you have instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you can be a story-teller.

Word of advice: Stay true to your passion. I hate that some blogs become so commercialized when brands start to tap them for promotion 🙂

2014 Goals!
Hmm… I don’t really set goals for myself. I know I am crazy. I just live my life everyday. Have fun and enjoying the journey 🙂

Who ever created this list from BDJ team is a genius! Seriously! 
It reminds me, I need to check my 2013 list and see what needs to be done there 🙂

Of course, there are coupons! 
BDJ is keeping my favorites! Coffee Bean and Ace Water Spa! Yay!
Events Planner I need! Yey!

Oh I love this page. Although I don’t really get to use the pages 
based on their headings, sometimes I use them to write lists
and random ramblings. 

I love the colors used in the 2014 planner!

The BDJ Planner is like a magazine too. 
Nice articles about life, money, love and work. 
Pursuing your passion..? Well, my friend says that money will come soon
if you love what you are doing 🙂

This is new! BDJ marks their events in the daily pages. 
We would no longer miss a BDJ event!

I am always inloved with the artwork!
That’s what got me hooked to BDJ!

The weekly quotes speak exactly what my life 
is all about at that specific week. 

Now BDJ has stickers that we can use to mark
important dates! I love the heart stickers!

So to #Jumpstart2014, I will make my life a masterpiece by enjoying everyday of my life and finding joy in little things. Success and happiness is not the end point, it is the whole journey!

Well, we still have one month to get Belle De Jour Power Planner 2014. Stay connected with BDJ Team:

Don’t forget to sign up at the new community and choose to shine! The BDJ Team will send Pantene Treatment Kit for FREE. Read more here. 

Thank you Belle De Jour Team! Thank you for empowering more women! Awesome!

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