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One Heart, One Voice: Intimate Afternoon with Patti Austin

December 31, 2013

It was a Brand New Day for Patti Austin as she enters the function hall. I heard that the Brand New Day concert held the other night was a success. She was pleasant as she says hi to the bloggers waiting for her for an intimate bloggers conference. Imagine being on a show the other night, singing, dancing and entertaining people, then you have to sit infront of the media, and bloggers. The life of a superstar. But Patti doesn’t have that star complex, she is candid, honest and witty.

Patti will welcome the new year here, in the Philippines for a charity show to be held tonight, at Fairmont Hotel for the benefit of  Habitat for Humanity. This is not the first time that she is celebrating the new year in another country, or outside her hometown. She said she remembered spending new year before in Times Square (she is from Manhattan), and it was her first time (because yes, you don’t go to these places if you live there, like I don’t go to Luneta because I am from Manila). She said with a heartfelt laugh that New Year’s Eves are not to be remembered. But I think that this year’s will be memorable for most of us.

Philippines is so dear for Patti, as she started her travels here in 1970s. She does make a lot of friends including famous jeweler in Cebu where she would be spending the new year. Unfortunately, she has not met any of the victims of the typhoon, but she wishes to meet them, and she shared that Filipinos are very resilient, and we are the government and we need to take the initiative to rebuild.

When asked why did they choose Habitat for Humanity, she shared that aside from food, which already have been provided to the victims, they need a roof. The next step is to help them get a shelter. After the shelter is built, you don’t need an empty space, so she is partnering with an interior designer, Ms. Pearl, who did her apartment and taught her alot about interior design. She envisions to provide good furniture for the typhoon victims and at the same time promote prototype furniture made in Cebu. The most exciting part of the dream is to sell these furniture here and outside the country and proceeds will go to the Habitat for Humanity. Simply nice.

During the conference, we also remembered the Patti Austin back in the 80s, and she said that this time was such a blur. She cannot remember much about it because she was so  busy being visible. For the new generation, she raves about Justin Timberlake who is good at everything he does – singing, dancing, playing piano, acting and entertaining. For the ladies department, she loves Katy Perry – simply because “she is freaking gorgeous and she writes great pop songs”.

Maybe, not alot of people know Patti Austin, especially new generation. When asked how she wants to introduce her music to the younger generation, she said:

“Kids should listen to their own music. Until they grow old and discover great music”. 

She is right when she said that music influence is through family. Kids who grow up in a family or household which plays different music and songs would acquire the music – just like me, who got to listen to alot of Beatles songs, Nirvana, and other music that kids of my age then couldn’t relate to.

Here’s a nice quote from Patti Austin that I want to share and is timely for the new year:

“You just keep trying until the things that you wanna do, work out and happen; don’t be disappointed when they don’t, just keep them in the way you want”

If you want to take part in helping the typhoon victims and celebrate life with Patti Austin, join the concert tonight at Fairmont Hotel, Makati.

Tickets are available at Fairmont Raffles Hotel and thru TicketWorld at 891-9999 or visit

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