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The Mind Museum: Cafe Scientifique

December 14, 2013

I wish I still got the old Grade School and HIgh School pictures of our field trips so I can post and share on Thursdays (Throwback Thursday!). I lost them all, too bad – maybe I should reconnect with old friends and request for some copies 😉 . I remember going to parks, factories and museums. 

I used to hate going to museums (when you were younger, who likes to stare at old pictures, stones, and artifacts?), but only now that I am older that I get to appreciate going to museums. I always anticipate going to places that feature science and technology – imagine how ecstatic I was the first time I visited the Mind Museum!
Aside from the wonderful things that you will see in the museum, The Mind Museum also hosts Cafe Scientifique, a worldwide project that aims to bring science to the public through conversation and forum. 
Last November 30th, I went to the forum held at the Canopy Plaza  and the topic was timely – Why Should Filipino’s Bother About Science? (should I say, why we should not be afraid of science?)
Click Read More to know more about the topic and my few learnings.. 
Invited speakers are from Philvocs, PAGASA Manila Conservatory and Project NOAH. It was a good afternoon as there are a lot of participants that day – it is nice that the event is FREE and open to the public. 
A few learnings: 
  • Understanding of science should be instilled to children. 
  • Understanding the culture of the people will help scientist assist in studying the background of the area. 
  • It is hard to predict the typhoon in the Philippines as we are a tropical country. 
  • Disasters might be caused by climate change, and people’s lifestyle. 
  • People must learn from their mistakes and mistakes of others in dealing with calamities. 
  • The extent of the damage is proportion to the population of the area affected. 
  • It is always good to be always prepared. 
Some facts are scary, but that is the reality. It is good that there is this kind of forum that help educate more people. 

It was the last day for the Da Vinci exhibit, and it was sad that I missed it, because well, my friend was not available that day. I hope the Mind Museum will bring another amazing exhibit. Soon. 

Do you want to be updated on the next forum of Cafe Scientifique? Just email [email protected] to reserve a slot. 
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