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Brew Your Dreams

January 18, 2014

I stopped dreaming at the age of 24.

When I was 16, I thought it would be cool to drive my own car and go to parties. I thought this would happen when I hit 24. That was a lousy dream, I know (at that young age, partying is still not legal – so I see that as one big dream). Now, I do attend parties, but I don’t have a car. Still.

So I stopped dreaming and started living my dreams. Everything I always wanted to do, I think of them and attract them – and most of them are happening in my life (like, free travels, awesome experiences, winning in raffles and simple dreams. Haha). I live my life (and present) and never worry about the future. Probably because I don’t want to disappoint myself again (well, I was not really disappointed about the car thing – because I thought I would need to dream of  a parking space first before I get a car).

I never know where or how I learned it. I never know the formula or the guides (if there is any) on how to plan my future. I just want to enjoy life, not worry about the future, age gracefully and inspire others to do the same.

Last Saturday, Belle De Jour hosted an event called Brew Your Best Year inspired by the Giving Journal of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  The invite said it would cover how we can envision our future – wow, so there is a guide and formula for this! I showed up 10AM at CBTL 26th Bistro in the Fort.

The place is packed with eager bellas. The store smelled like fresh coffee brew. Pencils, colored chalks and paper were in the table. I am ready to paint a picture of my future. Especially now that I am starting a new life, and a new career.

Click Read More to know how to plot your future..

The event started off with a motivational talk by NLP and motivational speaker PJ Lanot. He asked us to draw a timeline and write down our accomplishments from the age 0 to present.

Okay, I found it hard to remember my humble accomplishments – but I sure remember promotions which happened during my first year of my career (in CBTL! – and I have not reached the age of 24 that time). We were asked to partner with our seatmates so we could share our accomplishments, brag some more and tell our partner – “you did well”. Surprisingly, I was partnered with a Coffee Bean manager who also know some of the people I got to work with!

The second activity asked us to list down our goals for 2016 – PJ asked us to be more specific about these goals. We listed down 3 goals under Personally, Professionally, and Relationally. Opposite these goals, we were asked to list down the things that we need to do today to achieve these goals.

After we have listed and shared our goals with our partner, PJ asked us to draw whatever we want to draw (I ended up drawing a heart. I am full of love πŸ˜‰ LOL). Then, he asked us to draw a house, with sun and two people – in ten seconds. He asked us, why we ended up drawing more when we had a specific drawing in mind and timeline? – that is because “goals – are dreams with deadlines”. 

I suddenly remember the article that my friend shared – read it here, and here are some few lines from that article:

“Dreamers are a dime a dozen. The world is lousy with dreamers. Doers? People who actually change their lives? Those people are rare.”

β€œWhat do you do when all the excuses for not chasing your dream are gone?” 

The second part of the event was all about fun art – Chalk Art! Alessa (wife of PJ) discussed the history of typography and taught us techniques on how to create chalk art (I used to do chalk art for our “brew of the day” back in the days! – not part of my job Haha)

She asked us to picked a goal from our list and to make a poster of it – as she said that it would help us to achieve our goal if we have a reminder posted somewhere of our dreams.

We were all excited to start with our poster…

I never realized that I was with such creative group!

And here are our posters. Get inspired! Can you spot mine?

We also got to choose our favorite poster by posting a “like” button.

We felt that everyone is a winner for making the first step in pursuing our dreams. The best artwork though got to bring home a set of Sharpies. πŸ˜‰

Here’s my simple goal and simple poster.

Thank you to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Belle De Jour for organizing this event. Now I am more focused on what I really want to do. This is just the first of the many inspirational workshop series, so stay connected.

And btw, I will be giving away a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journal, stay tuned!

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