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Wait Until Dark

January 23, 2014

I waited until dark, the curtain opened and welcomed us to the apartment of Suzy Henderson. But, it was not Suzy who first came inside the apartment in Notting Hill, but Mike Talman (Joel Trinidad), Sgt. Carlino (Robbie Guevara),  and Harry Roat, Jr. (Arnel Carrion).

Picture from Broadway World
Suzy (Liesl Batucan)l finally appeared on stage – who happens to be a blind woman. Suzy is the target of the three con-men who is in search of a doll which finds its way to Suzy’s apartment, after her husband, Sam brought it from Canada, as a favor to a woman. 
Suzy’s only weapon is her instincts and a box of match (I know, you will ask why she would need a match if she is blind – but you got to see the play). 
I was seated in the second row of Onstage theatre in Greenbelt while watching the story unfolds, and wishing for Suzy’s safety. I am not really a fan of suspense thrillers but I thought a play would be harmless, but I think watching it is a lot more scarier (comparing it to the time I have seen the first Shake, Rattle and Roll film – and I was a kid then). I couldn’t remember if I even screamed in one part of the play (maybe I did), but most of the audience did.
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A good story, with such good performers (oh yes, even the accent!). The setting, the lighting and the music make everything so real that would keep the audience suspended. Admittedly, it was my first time to see a Repertory Philippines performance, and it was such a great first time experience. My friend told me that this is just the initial show and the actors will get better in the succeeding shows – which makes me want to see the play again. 
The play was actually turned into a movie starting Audrey Hepburn ( I will include this in my to-see films). 
Some picture during the press conference:
The cast of Wait Until Dark
Everyone is amazing!
I am no good in evaluating stage actors’ performances, but I just want to share my views about the actors:
Arnel Carrion is a replacement for the original actor playing Rout, who met an accident 6 days before the show. His original role is Sam (Suzy’s husband). Add his tall physique, and intimidating presence on stage, he’s very effective for the role. Dana Gana, playing the role of Gloria, is like every spoiled kid we know. Someone you can call a friend (if you treat her right) and may be your Nancy Drew. She was so amazing, and she’s like a childhood dream come-true. I am looking forward to seeing more of her in the upcoming plays. Robbie Guevarra who is a comic relief in the play, provides a good support to the characters. He has such a small part but he’s very effective. His presence on stage gives a little feel of security – I am not sure if it helps that he played the role of a police, but probably because his scenes are all light and funny. 
My friend told me  Joel Trinidad is an amazing actor,and I so agree. There are only a few actors (Hollywood actors!) who make me fall inlove with a character, and Joel made me interested of Mike – who is (yes a crook), compassionate and sensitive. They put it, a bad guy with a good heart. He’s brilliant!!! (count the exclamation points!).  Lorenz Martinez who is also a replacement for the role is playing Sam (Suzy’s husband). I am not certain if it was an intent to make it look like Sam is not so into his wife (or maybe that’s just how the script is written to challenge the blind wife to be more independent), but the loving kisses and adorable hugs change my views about the character.  Then, of course, Liesl Batucan who is just so amazing. There is something about her acting that is telling me to run to the stage and help her – but then, you know she can do it on her own. 
I thought it was just me, but I know there was something 
between Suzy and Mike. Something that we cannot just label. 

Why do I suddenly feel a liking to that Mike character
Liesl and Joel happen to be friends and sort of “love team”
during stage plays.

Director Miguel Faustmann talks about the play 
and why they set it in Notting Hill
– giving the play a little creepy mood compared to New York
which is very cosmopolitan

Wait Until Dark will run until February 9, in Onstage Theatre in Greenbelt 1, Makati City.

The play is based on Frederick Knott’s 1966 classic thriller, “Wait Until Dark,” which was originally set in Greenwich Village, New York.
Ticket Prices: 
Inclusive of Service Charge 

Gold (Reserved Seating)
P 625.20
Silver (Free Seating)
P 521
Bronze (Free Seating)
P 416.80 

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