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[Fashion Haul] Wet Seal

February 23, 2014

I found a good treasure in my closet today. Found the package I got last September from the online haul I did last year from Shopping and burying my hauls in my closet has been a habit. Most of the time, I get to wear the “new” clothes after months, or even years. It works to hide my shopaholic tendency, so when my mom asks if my new top/skirt/jeans is new, I always tell her, no. I have bought it last year. 🙂

Let’s talk about my WetSeal online shopping experience. I am loving this store because it has a lot of nice pieces (very much like Forever 21). The online store offers an international platform (which converts prices to peso), as it also ships internationally. BUT I chose to shop through the US site because most of the items were on sale then. 
I never realized it was such a struggle.

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The story:
I chose the items, and added them in my cart (the usual online shopping process). I settled the bill (and chose US delivery address for the items), but it says that order cannot be completed because of credit card details. My second option was to settle via Paypal. But the transaction failed too. 
I am thinking that the store recognizes that my account and credit card was issued in the Philippines and they refuse to accept the transaction even if I have a US delivery address. 
I even went as far as buying Gift Card from the store so I can settle the purchases, but Paypal once again refused the transaction and issued refund. 
You know that feeling that if you want something, you feel the need to get it. So I even tweeted WetSeal and sent inquiry. 
It appears that WetSeal only ships via US using the US site. If you want to settle using Philippine-issued credit card, you have to use the international site. 
I sent a follow up question on how to go about settling online purchases if you were traveling to US (say you want the items shipped in your hotel) but you have to use your Philippine or local credit card? I did not receive a response. 
Anyway, to resolve the issue and to get the items I want. I lovingly asked someone from US to order for me. The package was sent to the US mailing address and it was brought from US to Philippines via his mom. Sweet. 
So what have I got?

Cut-out Dress 

Galaxy Print Leggings
Love unicorns?

Comics Printed Skirt and Tank

I also got Boho Maxi Skirt and Cosmic Leggings. I have already worn the comics printed pieces (and you can say I love them!).

Someone did the ordering for me via the online shop (as he has to settle my purchases), and yes, I am quite happy with the online experience. I received the usual email updates of settlement and delivery. Maybe Wet Seal is more cautious in accepting international credit card because of frauds and I cannot blame them. I never had problems shopping online through Forever 21 (read about it here) and Victoria Secret. But who knows, maybe the rules have changed.

Have you ordered anything online from Wet Seal?

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