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Hair Meet Wardrobe

February 23, 2014
It is weekend, and I am home. I am not complaining, I got Daft Punk accompanying me tonight. Yes, I made a commitment to myself that I should start listening to more music, and now starting with the Grammy Winner for Best Album. While most are rocking and partying in the 7107 event, I am home nursing some sore muscle. Yes, I also made a commitment to do a little stretching and work out. Summer is coming.
Let’s go back to some weeks ago, the last party I attended in Prive Toni and Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe event. The night was full of stylish men and women in the fashion and beauty industry. 
The event showcases the (styled by Pam Quinones and Photographed by Mark Nicdao) that was chosen by Toni & Guy that perfectly embodies and can bring out their vision of dressing from head to foot with their new styling collections.

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Classic Toni & Guy: Vania Romoff, Fashion Designer
 “Real style takes everything into consideration and this is what Toni & Guy pushes for. Hair is a part of you, your personality, and it adds a lot to fashion, more than you can imagine”.
Casual Toni & Guy: Boom Sason, Fashion Designer
 “It’s not every day you get to do something for a brand you believe in and I’m a big fan of Toni & Guy Hair”
Glamour Toni & Guy : Cat Antonio, Socialite/Interior Designer
Men’s Toni & Guy: Robie Becroft, Fashion Blogger/Model
 “It’s no surprise that new Toni & Guy products I’ve been using have been very helpful when it comes to styling my strong, thick hair and creating my personal look”.
Creative Toni & Guy: Jo Ann Bitagcol, Model/Photographer
 “Hair is very important, it could make or break a look” 
You bet, everyone was looking great that night. 
The event was hosted by Apples Aberin 

The event was full of awesomeness and hotness

Now, looking at this picture, I feel the need to get some good alcohol 
and fun time. 
Maybe I will go out this week; who is with me? 

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