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Instant White in Black Sheep

February 26, 2014

Every Filipina aims to be whiter – this is something that I have learned from the event last Thursday in celebration of 140 years of Vaseline.

I was once a part of that statistics to be honest, until I learned to love my skin – I now aim for a more even skin tone. But, if there is any lotion that can give me instant white skin, I wouldn’t say no to it. 
Then, there is Vaseline Instant White. I love everything Vaseline. I feel safe using the product and I am sure most of us grew up using Vaseline. The history of Vaseline started with Robert Chesebrough when he discovered a creamy substance in Pennsylvania that is called Rod Wax which lead to the the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly – which I am sure we all have it at home. Over the years, Vaseline started introducing different products like lip moisturizers and different lotions. The newest in line is the Vaseline Instant White. 
Look at these old posters of Vaseline on display that night..

Its main ingredient is Microreflectors that gives instant fairer skin; Vitamin B3 for long term and healthy whitening; and triple sunscreens for protection against UVA and UVB rays.
The event was held in Black Sheep, the Fort – which is a newly opened bar in the Penthouse, Building W. I love this new hip place and they are serving this interesting Foie Gras Rocher dessert – Foie gras rolled in white chocolate and candied walnuts. Yummy!

The place is so cozy, we stayed even after the event 😉
Then of course, we got to try the Vaseline Instant White lotion and it sure does give a nice glow and even skin texture. It is non-greasy and can be easily applied. I love how it smells too!
Hoping to get an even skin tone with this new 
lotion from Vaseline 😉

Would you like to go whiter?

Vaseline will put up booths in malls in the Philippines for you to try the Vaseline Instant Fair Lotion. Make sure to like the Vaseline Fan Page in Facebook for updates.

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