It Can Happen to You

Success, failure, love, disappointments, cancer. These can happen to you. It can happen to me too.

I was being immature the other day and I was throwing tantrums to a friend who I know was just concerned about my health. The BIG C. I used to think that this is something that will not grow in me – as if I were immortal, and superhero. But reality is screaming painfully, it is the lifestyle (and the environment) that would give me away to death bed.

During the AXA Philippines Health Campaign which happened last week, DOH Undersecretary of Health Dr. Teodoro J. Herbosa, shared the state of health for the average Filipino today. Non-communicable diseases or lifestyle diseases such as heart attack, stroke and cancer are the top 3 leading causes of death among Filipinos. 

Filipinos live longer, while men die earlier; however, retirement age stays at 65 years old which means Filipino live longer as an elderly. The question is, are we ready to face financial situations like health emergency?

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Other surprising facts:

Non-communicable diseases are produced by a combination of factors Biological Risk Factors, Behavioral/Lifestyle Factors and Social and Environmental Factors. 

  1. Biological Factors include high blood pressure, high blood glucose, abormal blood lipids, 
  2. Behavioral Factors include unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and alcohol intake
  3. Social Factors include globalization, urbanization, poverty, aging, stresses and even culture. 

Camille Pratts was also in the event, and she shared the trials she and her family had to face when they discovered that her late husband has cancer. It was not an easy ordeal – and she said that they have to spend millions of money just to save her husband, at the same time, thinking of her kid’s future.

She is such a young, brave and smart woman. Sharing a sad story about your loved one is not easy, yet she accepted to share hers to inform and inspire people. I missed another commitment that afternoon because I got so interested about her story.

The good news is, AXA Philippines, one of the country’s largest and fastest growing life insurance companies, is helping Filipinos prepare for the threat of future medical emergencies by introducing 3 new products. 
  • Health Extensials provide a simple all-in-one health and protection plan that gives the greatest value at an affordable price. 
  • Health Max offers maximum lifetime coverage and medical benefits up to 100 years old. It covers 58 major medical conditions and 11 minor illnesses. 
  • SME ProteXion caters to the small and medium-scale businesses with at least 10 employees. 

Whoever said that Health is Wealth is not kidding, and I take him/her seriously. Change will happen soon because I know it can happen to me too.

Visit www.axa.com.ph for more info. 

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