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February 5, 2014

Live Well with Strepsils

I may be like most of the people I know. Taking and sucking on Strepsils as if it is a candy. The good news is - that very act is a good way in preventing a more serious disease which starts through cough, colds or flu. The bad news is - taking a thousand Strepsils a day may be bad for your health. That's a word of caution I have learned during the Live Well campaign launched last week with public persona, Maricel Laxa and DJ Tracy Abad.

When I received the event invite for this launch, that was when I realized that throat is the most neglected part of the body. People don't care much about sore throat because we feel that we can still function, work and play even with sore throat - unless you are a DJ, singer or host (or works in a call center). 

Maricel who is a celebrity, radio DJ, public speaker columnist and a mom lists taking care of her family's health as number 1 in her priority. She shared that pollution, sudden dips in temperature, stresses of work and school, and things like itchy throat can easily develop into a sore throat. How does she deal with itchy/sore throat?

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It helps to have Strepsils handy all the time. In addition to that, one must also drink lots of water, take plenty of rest and do stretching. I think I am doing the first two - and I need a little more motivation to stretch :)

Dr. Caesar Mejia, was in the event too to answer questions about misconception about mentholated candies. Some resort to mentholated candies to soothe the throat, but this is just temporary. Mentholated candies are just sugar-laden treats laced with menthol but does not address the real cause of sore throat such as virus and bacteria. 

DJ Tracy Abad was also in the event (I was seated next to her during lunch - and I was clueless she is the TRACY ABAD. It always happens to me!). She is a DJ in a morning radio show (so imagine how crazy her schedule is if she has to attend events and host parties!). She shared how she takes care of her throat and keep up with the busy schedule. Oftentimes, it is all about time management and discipline. 

During the Round Table
Dr. Mejia advised to take Strepsils every 2 hours. 

After the event, my biggest take-away is not the Stepsils supplies I got (which by the way, has a new variant - Strepsils Warm - which contains ginger and provides a warming, comforting senssation). My biggest takeaway is the reminder from Ms. Maricel Laxa -

"Your body is your vehicle in achieving your dreams..." 

It hit me like a an upper cut. She is amazing. I remember listening to her husband's inspirational career talk, and we all went back to our desks feeling so motivated.

We need to take care of our body to be able to do more, and to live the life that we wanted. Little by little, I am hoping, I will get there. There are just old habits that I cannot let go. Maybe, I should start with the 21-day challenge. But if there is one good habit I want to keep, it is popping on Strepsils on the first sign of itchy throat.

Who wants to live well? :)

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